A Message Given to Me By the Most High on January 1, 2010



Hello child, My daughter,

Last year was a time of destruction, destroying the old ways to bring in the new. Satan's total reign on earth is close to fulfillment but he will never have peace and the rule over my people. My people will stand up and fight, My people will refuse to bow to him as the global savior and dictator. My people will forever be a presence that He will have to contend with.

He will never establish his false hopes of a fake heaven on earth, child you are always a step ahead of him as you walk in Me and have Satan's kingdom in constant derision. Through Me you will lead My people in boldness and strength to stand up against his evil charades on earth and amongst even My own people who have been deceived by him.

Unite them child , unite them into Oneness with Me. My hand is over their destruction, this will be a year of death for the foolish and those who don't seek Me.

It is time for even more of My wrath, presence, and anger. But those in Me there will be peace, joy, and blessing even in the face of death.

Continue arming My people to prepare themselves for the continuation of Satan's implementing his plans on earth. You've accomplished much as an army for Me doing exploits to disrupt and tear up his strongholds. He is wroth and it gives Me much joy to see My people turning to Me to be led by Me.

You have taught them well and I know it has been tiring for you as you work tirelessly every day for Me. I will give you strength to complete whatever task I give to you child. You are reliable and dependable and have led many more to stand in Me and be the same.

Much destruction and fire from the sky in this new year. Fire from the sky. Keep your eyes on Me and don't be led astray by vain babblings or those who say they speak from Me and don't.

Come to me for strength, for direction, for the steps to take. The steps of the righteous are guided by Me as they allow Me to lead them.

Tell them, Tell them of My plans and the judgments I am bringing to the people and nations. I have shown you much, Tell Them. I will make My plans clearer to you to understand fully and perfectly so you can warn them and prepare them. Many have been warned but they refuse to hear Me, many have suffered and are suffering, and are going to suffer by the hand of My Judgment(s).

If My people will not listen to Me through my mouthpieces on earth they will die. Many refuse to come directly to Me, but neither will they discern who is of me and who isn't. My mouthpieces are not in the high places, they are brought low to serve Me in humility and love. They are rejected, hated, despised and ridiculed.

Tell them to turn away from the prideful, high minded and those who seek glory in themselves. They are not of Me.

My servants serve me in humbleness of spirit because they love Me, not for riches or material wealth, it means nothing to them. Tell them THOSE are mine, if they have eyes to see they can see who is MINE and who isn't. They build ME up, they edify ME with their lips, not themselves...humility, service, love, those are MINE.

Fire child...FIRE in the sky, From the sky, to the sky....FIRE!

I love you, be at peace in Me and rest. Wait for Me to speak forth what I will have you to say and wait for Me to lead you into the battles that are coming.

Look for Me child, Look for Me.

I love you.