And why is Benny working with Templar organizations that promote the ordination of homosexuals?

The following report confirms our suspicions that the Knights Templar are conducting the present crusade in the Middle East to establish a base for their planned invasion of Israel. These modern-day knights are also forming a religious coalition to mollify Israel with a phony peace treaty and to rebuild the Temple of Solomon, from which venue the Bible states the Antichrist will rule over a Masonic one-world religion and government. The report also reveals that Charismatic healer, Benny Hinn, is involved in this religio-political initiative and working closely with an Anglican Templar/Jesuit organization that promotes the ordination of homosexuals.

It seems that Benny Hinn's assignment in the Templarsí current Crusade is "to get the US Evangelical leaders to be in favour of the Middle East Peace Process." The ICR Middle East Update from Knight Templar Andrew White dated 13th February 2004 stated: "Benny had phoned me whilst in the US last week stating that he wanted to meet me soon.  It just so happened we were both in Dubai the same day. This was in relation to our need to get the US Evangelical leaders to be in favour of the Middle East Peace Process. We met at his hotel for breakfast on Thursday morning.  He explained that he had heard much about our work and wanted to support it.  He has also said that he will come to Israel with us ASAP.  Both the Israelis and Palestinians are very keen that he should come on board with the Alexandria Process."  

So Benny Hinn is participating in the deceptive peace process which will mislead the Jews to receive a false Christ, who will drive them from the Holy Land which will then become the headquarters of said Antichrist who will place the Abomination of Desolation in the Temple (Matt. 24:16) and proclaim himself to be God. "...that man of sin...the son of perdition; who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God." (II Thes.2:3-4)  Evangelical Christians seem strangely ignorant of these end-time prophecies, judging from their support for the Antichrist's program with millions of dollars in donations to ministries like Benny Hinnís -- $$$$$$ that will be spent rebuilding the Masonic Temple of Solomon.


The Anglican Templar organization with Jesuit leadership that Benny works with also promotes Christian reconciliation with homosexuals and the ordination of homosexuals as ministers, priests and bishops. The Knights Templar were the powerful medieval chivalric order from which the present orders of Freemasonry evolved. They claim to be working to restore traditional values, however, the evidence of history presents a rather different testimony as to moral values of the Templars. Dr. Cathy Burns wrote of the homosexual proclivities of the medieval Templars in her book, Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star:

"In the book entitled The Guilt of the Templars, we are told that 'the Knights Templars' confessions show them to have been basically homosexual warrior order...' Other chargers were that the Knights Templar participated in black magic and pederasty (anal intercourse, usually with a boy). They practiced 'phallicism or sex-worship and Satanism and venerated 'The Baphomet,' the idol of the Luciferians. The crime of sodomy was a rite of Templar initiation." (p.104)