Border Wars

By Sherry Shriner


Help us with our new project I'm calling BORDER WARS.

Many DUMBS and DUABS have strategically been placed on the borders of every state and country. What we want to do is target each and every border of every country and state by putting up Orgone walls around them via their borders.

 In America alone, this would enable us to have a literal maze of Orgone walls throughout the country. This project will cost $ tens of thousands in supplies just to make the Orgone and to cover the travel expenses that will be required to put up the walls.

Not only would this affect their underground bases, but the alien UFOs flying above us, the alien star-ships in orbit above us, and the network of HAARP and ELF towers that are everywhere including weather control weapons afflicting mankind. We can block and sabotage them on many levels by securing the borders of our states.

How can you help? You can help by making Orgone and surrounding your state via your own borders with Orgone. Using Orgone blasters, Orgone Blaster "beasts" which are 11-14 ounce copper blasters with Copper Coins on top of them, magnetic Orgone, Orgone pipes, and a variation of all these types of Orgone we make and use. Place an Orgone device every half mile to one mile around your state as you follow the border(s) around it. Let us know which state you have Orgoned so we can keep track of what has been done. You can submit your name and state to

Learn how to make Orgone

If you can't make Orgone or travel around your state you can donate supplies or money to help us enlist others willing to go cover your state.

You can donate clear quarts crystals, 12-14 gauge copper wire, aluminum chips, or $ for the Fiberglass Resin needed, $ for the travel expenses for those covering your state.

Ordering crystals by the bag or pound are the best. We typically like to use double terminated or even chipped crystals are fine as long as their clear quartz crystal, we can use all sizes, typically the best is around 1 inch but those can be hard to find on average from anyone but Jim Coleman's.

You can order supplies and have them shipped to my address from - they have a variety of AA grade, clear chipped points, tiny-shiny points, little-shiny points, crystal chips 1-4" (JP-TEN, JP-HAND, JP-MR, CP-3A, CP-2, typically around 1-inch is best for blasters but up to 2-3" are also needed for larger pieces of Orgone) (14 gauge copper wire in coil or 5lb spools)

have them shipped to

Sherry Shriner
P.O. Box 531
Carrollton, OH 44615

Or you can just Donate Money so we can get the supplies ourselves and target states while implementing our Border Wars project across the country.

We need your help, we can't do this alone, and we certainly can't do this without your donations.

Donate and receive an autographed copy of my book be sure to request a copy with your donation...



If you can donate larger perhaps $5,000, $10,000, $25,000 please send a bank's Cashier's check...thank you.


Sherry Shriner
P.O. Box 531
Carrollton, OH 44615


email -