Who Are The Chinese Elders Behind The Scenes?

by Sherry Shriner



They secretly rule and dominate China but very little is known about them.

If you follow financial board rhetoric you will often hear the terms Chinese Elders or Grandfather. These are the leaders behind the scenes of China running the politics and economics. Much like the Illuminati in America. The secret, shadow group behind everything operating in the background.

But who are they? The Chinese version of the Illuminati? In a nutshell, yes. Their own version.

They have been working to re-establish the world's currencies to be backed on gold they own and have. In China, Yuan currency is backed by the gold owned by these Elders.

These Elders are ancient demigods. They have a seedline on earth direct with them like the Illuminati has their own 13 families direct to them. The Illuminati is operated and controlled by the Reptilian seedline. In China the Elders are a different faction distinct to them as the Dragon race. They feel they are the superior race because their lineage of the Elders goes back directly to the dragon himself, Lucifer.

The Chinese themselves are not sons of Adam, or Cain for that matter. They are cut from a different cloth. They are the children of Lilith, Adam's first wife created for him who left him and procreated with Lucifer, eventually being banished from the Earth. But she left her children, the almond eye race, who were then raised by the ancient Babylonians (fallen angels who fell with Lucifer) then grew to dominat the middle east, then moved eastward to where they are today in China.

Their home base of rule is in Mongolia, deep underground, the city of Shamballa. Shamballa is the center of the underground world They rule their own from there along with the different factions of other "alien and demigod" races that live under the earth.

It is accessible via the north and south poles and from many other smaller, hidden, access points from around the world.

Together with the ancient elder race known as the White Lizards who operate in an underground city under the Libyan desert, they have been ruling behind the scenes directing world affairs, economies, and religions.

To be clear, the dragons are not the same as the reptiles. They are different creations, histories, peoples, nations, seedlines, and leaders. Both are personifications of the same person however, Lucifer.

The dragons have 'bat wings' and are very dragonesque looking in appearance and features where the reptiles are, well, reptiles with lizard skin and features.