Some of the Visions of Dr. Bill Deagle


Russian Troops Invited/Mark of the Beast Begins
By Dr. Bill Deagle, vision received 1/2/99

In the middle of the night, the angel Gabriel came to me and announced that he was sent to correct a serious error in what I was thinking about the world leader that would be the False Prophet.

In an instant I stood in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, but I could not make out the face or the voice of the President as he sat at his presidential desk. The content of the conversation to the Russian leader was as follows: "We are now prepared for the contingency of implementing the National Implantable Identification, but I would be most appreciative if you can commit to at least 500,000 Russian troops via the United Nations, to quell any resistance from the civilian American population!"

In a flash, I stood with him outside on the lawn in front of the Washington Monument. The President was on a platform with many secret service men about watching security.

To my dismay, I heard him say: "My American brothers and sisters, and citizens of our tiny and fragile planet Earth, I address you with a response to the grave news of the recent worldwide environmental catastrophe and... Today I am adopting the Earth Charter that has been ratified by the United Nations, and requesting that all citizens take to heart the chance to change the face of our history. I ask you as President, to join with me and ask what you can do to save our world as we open the pages of the New Millennium. All citizens have been asked to recycle, and to minimize their consumption of energy.

Preservation of our open spaces, parks, and the heritage of clean air and water are a legacy we must pledge to preserve; not only for future generations, but for all life forms on our planet. Just as President Kennedy announced that we were up to the challenge of the voyage to the moon, it will be one step for America, and one giant leap for the salvation of the Earth, our mother planet.

Tomorrow, I ask that all citizens will report in an orderly fashion for a more secure national identification. This final step in our phased-in National ID program will assure peace and security for all our citizens. Violence in our streets and theft will end. Illegal sales of drugs will be removed from the dangerous hearts of our inner cities. Medical care and social security will take a major leap forward. This new ID chip will make the chances of a medical mistaken identity, resulting in the death of a loved one, impossible.

The rights of all minorities in our great nation will be guaranteed; the right to live in a clean, safe world free from drugs, violence, and the oppression of poverty.
Join me in a call to peace and security, which will end the troubles that came at the outset of this New Millennium with Y2K, terrorism, and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

This is a time to personally agree with me in an oath to save our Nation and our planet. Resolve with me, your President, to join in creating a New World Order. One based on not only the brotherhood of all men, but of all life forms on Earth. This is the challenge I ask you to meet tomorrow, as we witness to the whole world. May our example, and our determination to save our nation and our world prepare us for the challenges of this Golden Millennium!"

Red, Blue, and Green Badges & When The Revolution Begins
By Dr. Bill Deagle, vision received 9/98

While praying and reading the scriptures, I received the following vision of the times spoken of by Dumitru Duduman-when the revolution would start and America would have the places like Sodom and Gomorrah attacked.
In the spirit, the angel Gabriel took me to the West Coast where I saw foreign and oriental looking troops with blue hats carrying machine guns. I saw helicopters with the signs of the United Nations, and many thousands of Americans in lines waiting to receive the Mark of the Beast. Gabriel told me to watch as the Chinese navy on the West Coast base, which we had given them, became a secondary staging ground for the invasion. The primary staging ground was our own military bases which the angel had shown me our New World Order US Government officials had handed over to the invaders.

I was horrified as I watched. Deep below many airports and military bases, I saw people with Red badges who were to be executed for the word of their testimony, and they did not shrink from the faith in Jesus. Others, marked by blue badges, worked in factories and were periodically brought to reprogramming camps. There were rooms where unspeakable, inhumane acts were performed on them so they would repent of their belief in the Truth and the Word. Elsewhere, those with the Green emblem smiled and went about life with peace on their well-fed faces, and they feared not, for they had felt righteous in that they were saving the planet, or they thought falsely in their hearts that surely the Lord would not cast them to outer darkness! Surely, once saved, they thought, I have eternal security, and the Lord Jesus I once received will not reject those He has taken into His arms.

Then Gabriel cringed as if in pain seeing this, for he said that their beliefs would bring them to destruction for they knew Him not!
I asked, "What is the end of these things?"

He said, "Those that will hear the words of the witnesses of Jesus and the prophets of the END, will be stirred and be saved throughout the kingdom of the Beast." There will be high level masons, murderers, bankers, military men, teachers, doctors, laborers, and all the corporations of the Beast who will turn over those who receive the Mark of the Sovereign Lord on their right hand or forehead. Even those who had taken the Oath to the Evil One, and those most detestable, were among their numbers!

As I watched, He said, "Behold, see those who feel secure in their righteousness are lost while these most terrible before men are now washed righteous in the Blood of the Lamb!"

In the spirit, I fell on my face weeping for those that call themselves by the name of the Lord, and the fate that they will face in outer darkness.
Suddenly, I was back beside the angel Gabriel, and he said, "America is Babylon and the Nation of the Anointing of Israel to bring the gospel to the world. All these things must come to pass, so that all Mercy and Justice of a Righteous God will be served."

I again asked, "What will happen to America?"

He said, "Revolution will start when the Evil One is revealed in the Tabernacle and the Holy People are trampled underfoot with the attack on America, and the nations that call themselves after the name of Jesus."

Blood Oath Against America
By Dr. Bill Deagle, vision received 10/98

I was praying and reading in Jeremiah when suddenly, I was taken in the spirit by the angel Gabriel to the Parliament of Europe in Strassbourg, France. There he told me to observe the meeting that was in process with eighteen representatives of the European Union around a large board table. In the center was a silver chalice. They passed a short, approximately 18-inch, silver sword with a golden handle to all the members at the table, and swore a blood oath by cutting their right thumb and marking the blood on the right ear after bleeding into the chalice containing blood mixed with wine. They came together in worship of Satan and to setup his kingdom on earth.

They also swore to destroy America. "By the blood of Hiram and the enlightenment of Osiris, I do pledge to the most excellent and Illuminated One, to carry forth my pledge and duty to the New Order of the Ages. By my blood and with this sign, I seal my honor to do all that we have purposed here today, on pain of death by disembowelment and having my heart wrenched from my bosom. So say the Noble Knights of the Order."

I was completely overwhelmed that countries we consider our allies would scheme to destroy our nation in order to set up the New World Order.
I asked the angel, "When?"

He again had me turn my attention to the debate as to when America would be attacked. They all came to one accord to destroy America when the EURO Dollar is completely in control of the European economy, and after all of the Illuminated Sons have removed their wealth from America and the US Stock Market into the European Banking System.

Thus the signs were set and the plot hatched to destroy America when this evil plot has been brought to the fullness, and not a day earlier.

Judgment Against Indianapolis
By Dr. Bill Deagle, vision received 6/2/99

I received this vision as I flew into the Indianapolis airport and prayed for discerning of the principal spiritual forces of darkness over the city and the territory of Indianapolis. As I prayed, the Holy Spirit told me with an audible voice, "I will send forth the angel Gabriel with a vision to show you the horrors that have inhabited this place, for a gate to the evil one has been created in this place by the shedding of innocent blood. This place was made as a womb for the goddess Diana, [In-DIANA-apolis, In-DIANA] who in ancient times gave forth of her womb children for sacrifice. The highest level masons revere this place as the womb of destruction, for they come here to give the goddess her due, just as the ancient peoples of the lands that I drove out from before My people of Israel. See, hear and smell the destruction and evil in this land, for I will make it a desolation."

Instantly, the angel Gabriel appeared in a vision and in the spirit. I was taken to see those things that the Holy Spirit has warned me would be the great evils of this land. This place is soaked in the blood of the innocents.

The first vision was of an underground temple in Indianapolis. It was a place of abomination and horror. In the chambers of this evil place, I observed as Gabriel showed me a consummated ritual sacrifice of a baby. In the spirit, I broke down crying at the terror and the inhumanity of this cruel and evil sacrifice to Satan. Still shaking, I asked why he had showed me this place.

Gabriel said, "The highest level masons of this land come here to ritually sacrifice babies. The evil one demands the shedding of innocent blood, for it is the greatest blasphemy against the Holy One of Israel. Tell the people of the Living God, He will repay the evil sons of the Illuminated one."

He took me into the future at the Time of the End to Grissom Military Base, where research on an advanced rocket system, a huge, long-term internment and execution camp, and a massive crematorium were hidden. He showed me an underground Amtrak train station going into Grissom Military Base which was a transfer point to an underground processing center.

I asked Gabriel what I smelled. He said, "The smoke you smell is of the burning flesh of your fellow Christians and fellow citizens of America." I saw huge ovens located deep in the center, adjoined by guillotines, and rooms for gassing those brought in by train. The overwhelming stench choked me, and I could hear the cries of those about to be executed.

The angel said, "This smoke even now before it has happened, has risen up in the nostrils of the Holy One of Israel. His righteous anger is stirred and he has purposed to do great harm to this land for the shedding of innocent blood, and the crushing and burning of the Holy People."

Therefore, this is what he decrees will happen to Indianapolis and the lands of Indiana. I will make a ruin of all the lands of Indiana, and will set on fire the land with my anger and pursue the remnant of survivors with the whirlwinds of an army of tornados, which will form a wall of destruction from the Almighty. I will overturn and crush in the winepress of My indignation, all who have called themselves My people, but have killed the words of the prophets I sent to warn the people, but they would not heed. Therefore, I will make this land a desolation and a ruinous heap, which will once more become a home to the beasts of the field until I come and renew it in My Kingdom."

Gabriel then showed me the chief principalities: Masonry, Diana child sacrifice, and witchcraft. He said, "This is why America has turned on its own people and conspires to exterminate the Holy People, and have made this place into a terminal transfer point for those in internment camps. Long before white man came to America, the shedding of innocent blood had opened a gate to the realm of Satan, and he used this 'right' to make this the 'womb' of his blood sacrifice of our most precious ones, babies!!"

"Let the People of the Covenant know that the Lord says, 'Flee from this place, AFTER you have stood, given testimony, and seen the signs of impending judgment, so they will not take part in the destruction that I will send upon the city of Indianapolis and the land of InDIANA!!!"

The Man In Linen With the Ax
By Dr. Bill Deagle, vision received 5/23/99

In a conversation with a Pastor from Minnesota, he described a vision that he had been having for a week about a man in linen who carried an ax. The Pastor described the same vision that the Lord had given me over and over.

Therefore; after hearing His voice, I purchased a prayer shawl, in which He said He would anoint with His righteous indignation against the 'flood' of false words proceeding from the mouths of many ministries and witnesses, who would bring great confusion and destruction upon the people. He told me in prayer that now was the time for the 'Man of Linen' to go forth with the ax, to chop the bands and cords from off the people, and speak with the authority of the Holy One, that these false prophets should no more speak vain and foolish imaginings and lies from the mouth of Satan.

The Lord pronounced that as he opened the Scroll, the last seven years at the Time of Jacob's Trouble would commence soon. He would silence the false witnesses, so that in that day it would not rain, as His two witnesses went forth with the authority to shut up the sky, so that it would not rain in the days of their prophesying.

In the early hours of Sunday, May 23,1999, the angel Gabriel came to me and said, "Arise, for the words which the Minnesota Pastor said are true and their fulfillment is now at hand! Many have spoken falsely in many ministries all over America and all over this world. Now is the time for discernment and separation, so that the people will be protected from lying lips and wonders.

Now is the time for you, as the anointed apostle, to go forth with the linen mantle of the Word of God, and to set the ax at the tree of lies that grows in the garden of the Lord's House. Even now, many of God's people are preparing to flee America's cities instead of hearing the words of prophecy, to stand and witness to their fellow Christians and those who would be saved in the Day of Distress to trouble the Whole World. Those who cry, 'The Lord does not speak to us, so we must go forth and buy the words to save us from the flood of disasters to come upon the earth with the new millennium!' He will repay their tempting God with the flood of false prophets. See, you have been told this before it happens!"
"Witness to Stan and The Prophecy Clubr, that you do not endorse those who are false witnesses."* This concluded the words of Gabriel. As I slept, my sleep was greatly distressed for the words of rebuke, warning, and the blessings to follow are conditional on obedience.

In the past several months, I have been approached by many who wish that I become their 'soothsayer' to tell them specifics for their personal cell groups to prepare physically. I have told them I am not permitted to do this even if I know what they are to do, other than those general words of prophecy I will give to all the people and to the cities. The false prophets, however, are leading many astray! My driving the false witness from the temple has just begun! Praise God! The Lord does nothing but he reveals his plans, as well as his blessings and cursings, to the people through His servants, the prophets! Amen!