What Are They Revealing Now?

By Sherry Shriner

In the movie Gamer people were injected with a vaccine or chemical shot of some kind that took over their brains. The chemical that took over their brain cells had an IP address and by a touch of a computer screen they could control these people.
In the movie (and coming in real life no doubt) these people were controlled in a game scenario, they had no control of themselves, whoever was 'handling' them, such as the "player" did.  In the 'game' the handlers/players never died or dies but the 'characters' i.e. people did.
Think about it folks, people take a vaccine, unbeknownst to them it contains a chemical that allows them to be controlled by someone else. Whoever is controlling them can use/force them to do anything they want and the controlled people can't stop it..they lose control of their own brains and bodies.
They can be used/abused to do anything the controller wants them to do even if it causes their deaths.
And all by a computer screen probably hundreds or thousands of miles away.
They will sit in their underground bunkers and control the humans on earth by the touch of a computer screen!
Not to hard to imagine is it...

The Most High has told us to NOT get Vaccines and Shots. Listen to HIM folks!!


Watch this Video - Deadly Vaccines


Say NO To The Swine Flu Vaccine - Print this one page flyer off and Pass it Around folks!! I took a bit of info from several emails and websites and put it together, I'm sure they won't mind!

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