Whose Running Our Military Anyway....

By Sherry Shriner


Keep your eyes on the sky.

I recently was reminded of conversations I had with some people who live down in the New Orleans area and who we're trying to clean up and rebuild after Katrina. I had sent a lot of orgone down there after hearing of the "evil helicopters" that were causing a raucus with family dogs/pets.

Also a long time supporter of my ministry who lives in Boston. I had sent alot of orgone to Boston during the flooding last year and it saved her area from being flooded. She has claimed for the past 2 years of being harassed by helicopters.

Now being harassed by helicopters is nothing new to the Patriot or Christian community..at least those who are a threat to the evil agenda of the NWO. The black helicopters, the obnoxious loud ones, I've described several types on this blog before that I've seen in my own area.

I guess we need to be paying more attention as to WHAT is flying these helicopters.

I remember telling the people in NO that if the dogs were going nuts when helicopters came around it had to be evil beings flying them. Dogs hate them. And other than just the typical military harassment most of us have experienced with helicopters my friend in Boston is adamant that the ones harassing her "are not human." She is a former teacher in the Boston area.

The Lord has told me they are in our skies and this is exactly what He meant. I don't know why the events after Katrina had slipped my mind at the time He said it. But it was all brought back to my mind recently.

I had a vivid look at a "pilot" flying a helicopter with a human in a vision last week and this pilot was NOT human. It was the ugliest thing from hell I've ever seen. It wasn't even an alien, just some type of being I have never seen before except perhaps it's drawn in a comic book somewhere. It was a short skeletal looking being with a black hat and black eyes with the whole area around it's eyes blackened. White pasty skin that basically looked like a skeleton or costume of some kind, perhaps a uniform. Their eyes are not like the greys who wear black lenses over their eyes so people describe them as having big eyes when they are just lenses to cover their real demonic beaty eyes. It looked like black makeup surrounding their eyes, for a way to describe it...like a raccoons eyes.

What I saw was grosser than an alien and other than something from hell I don't know what to call it.

Yah said the locusts are coming, and they're already here to an extent, but I think this will be a big wake up year for most people. As we weaken their forces and their ability to hide their presence will come to light. They can't hide anymore. And the fact that their numbers are growing in sheer size means more and more people will see them.

No they don't just fly UFOs, they fly our military craft as well. Especially when they are working in this dimension and not typically just spying on it. And they are going to start dominating this dimension visibly more and more. The foolish men who thought they had the 'aliens' under control are now going to see 'they' are the ones who are under the control of the aliens. They played a dangerous cat and mouse game with the fallen angels and they've lost. They were foolish to think they could win, but you can't tell them anything. They've been played as puppets and pawns since Eisenhower made the first unholy alliance with them in the 1930s. It was the beginning of our assured destruction by those who were supposed to protect us.

The Capricorn is a huge UFO spaceship that often hovers around Salt Lake City typically and over the western states out that way. Sananda's home base. When these humanoid Giants come to earth claiming they are from heaven and appear as an angelic host they're just taking a trip down from their space ships and home bases. They have them everywhere in the skies over earth. I have a site at http://www.crystalcityfraud.com that exposes some of their coming charades.

Hillary Clinton will throw her hat in the election of 2008. From what I have seen in the Bible Codes she will win and have this entire country in war on our own soil and in martial law by 2009.

In 2003 I spoke of Hillary being at the helm when this country went into martial law. It's falling into place.

You never know which route is going to be taken until they take it from the options available. At least I've seen this one already and know where it leads.

The times are getting interesting....

Yah bless His Warrriors