When I stumbled on this I found it fascinating because the 'red dust' seems to be something I keep seeing in visions of fires that keep burning and don't go out...fires starting out of nowhere (no bombs or missiles), and just sheer destruction from this red burning 'dust'...that I was seeing covering the ground...I don't know who wrote it...but the info seems spot on with what is coming with the Trumpet and Bowl Judgments of Revelation.






The 12 Stages of Planet X Passover, According to Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision


Immanuel Velikovsky.
Catastrophism has never been a popular subject, but in 1950 Velikovsky published the ground breaking book 'Worlds in Collision', and it became a world wide best seller despite the taboos. In it Velikovsky argued that a huge comet-planet passed by, and interacted, with earth in historical times.

Velikovsky attested that behind many of the myths and oral traditions of ancient peoples across the globe, were true stories and experiences of a global cataclysms of epic proportions. He deciphered historical accounts, myths and scripture, and claimed that a massive planet-sized comet once passed close to earth. Did Velikovsky discover what is commonly referred to as Planet X in the historical record? Few books were more ridiculed and reviled at the time by mainstream society yet Velikovsky sources were sound, and he was a renowned researcher and writer, famously corresponding with Einstein during this time. Nowadays his work is forgotten by mainstream academia, it's been relegated to the dustbin of fringe science and though they could not disprove his theories, they suppressed them nevertheless. It's only recently that Worlds in Collision relevance is being noticed.


 Velikovsky, in the 50's was intellectually independent, open minded and able to study mythological histories from every corner of the planet without political prejudice. He craved truth and didn't care for the taboos surrounding the subject of catastrophism or mythology. Through Velikovsky we find some of the best modern references and research into the profound and terrible events the ancient's endured, when a large planetary comet passed near the earth. Take into consideration that these accounts of global cataclysms may have transpired around 1600 BCE That is 3600 years ago. It is during this time that civilization, around the world, was beset by a host of catastrophic events. Worlds in Collision is a collection of these myths and sacred accounts from the ancient witnesses of a planet-sized comet disturbing the earth. It's quite possible that Velikovsky discovered, through synthesizing global myths, that Planet X passed earth in the historical record.


(RED DUST/GRAVEL/HAIL) “One of the first visible signs of this encounter was the reddening of the earth's surface by a fine dust of rusty pigment. In sea,in lake and river this pigment gave a bloody colouring to the water.” pg64 “Our planet entered deeper into the tail of the comet. The dust was the forerunner of the gravel.” pg 67

(RAIN OF NAPTHMA TYPE SUBSTANCE) crude oil, flammable liquid, napalm,

“The descent of the sticky fluid which came earthward and blazed with heavy smoke is recalled in the oral traditions of the inhabitants of both hemispheres.” pg 70

“For a span of time after the combustive fluid poured down, it may well have floated upon the surface of the seas, soaked the surface of the ground, and caught fire again and again.”pg 71


“An exceedingly strong wind endured for seven days. All the time the land was shrouded in darkness.” pg74


“The earth, forced out of its regular motion, reacted to the close approach of the comet: a major shock convulsed the lithosphere, and the area of the earthquake was the entire globe.” pg 78


“The swift shifting of the atmosphere under the impact of the gaseous parts of the comet, the drift of air attracted by the body of the comet, and the rush of atmosphere resulting from inertia when the earth stopped rotating or shifted its poles, all contributed to produce hurricanes of enormous velocity and force and of world-wide dimensions.”pg 82


“The slowing down or stasis of the earth in its rotation would cause a tidal recession of water toward the poles, but the celestial body nearby would disturb this pole-ward recession, drawing the water toward itself. The traditions of many peoples persist that seas were torn apart and their waters heaped high and thrown upon the continents.” pg 85

“The night the great earthquake shook the globe was, according to rabbinical literature, as bright as the day of the summer solstice. Because of the proximity of the earth, the comet left its own orbit and for a while followed the orbit of earth. The great ball of comet retreated, then again approached the earth, shrouded in a dark column which looked like a pillar of smoke during the day and of fire at night. This stage was accompanied by violent and incessant electrical discharges between the atmosphere of the tail and the terrestrial atmosphere.” pg 91


“The head of the comet did not crash into earth, but exchanged major electrical discharges with it. A tremendous spark sprang forth at the moment of the nearest approach of the comet, when the waters were heaped at their highest above the surface of the earth and before they fell down., followed by a rain of debris torn from the very body of the comet.” pg 100

“The rain of meteorites and fire from the sky, the clouds of dust of exogenous origin that drifted low, and the displacement of the world quarters created the impression that the sky had collapsed.” pg 103


“The interior of the terrestrial globe pushed toward the exterior. The earth, disturbed in its rotation, developed heat. The land became hot. ...many peoples describe the melting of the earth's surface and the boiling of the seas.” pg 105


“Earthquakes are often accompanied by a roaring noise that comes from the bowels of the earth.” pg110

“The approach of two charged globes toward each other could also produce trumpet-like sounds, varying as the distance between them increased or lessened.” pg 111


“There is testimony from all parts of the world that the side which is now turned toward the evening once faced the morning.” pg 118

“The terrestrial globe is a huge magnet. A short circuit between it and another celestial body could result in the north and south magnetic poles of the earth exchanging places.” pg127


“Volcanoes vomit water vapor as well as cinders. The heating effect of the contact of the globe with the comet must have caused a great evaporation from the surface of the seas and rivers. Two kinds of clouds-water vapor and dust-were formed. The clouds obscured the sky, and drifting very low, hung as a fog. The veil left by the gaseous trail of the hostile star and the smoke of the volcanoes caused darkness, not complete, but profound.” pg 139





The 7 Trumpet Judgments kick off with thunderings, lightenings, and an earthquake.

7 Trumpets - (Rev. 8)

1. Hail and fire mingled with blood cast onto earth. 1/3 of trees and all green grass is burnt up.

the term blood can be literal or metaphorical, in a metaphorical sense it refers to something that resembles blood...such as what causes red tides, a red algae bloom invasion....


2. Great Mtn. burning with fire (asteroid) crashes into the sea, killing 1/3 of the sea (became blood) killing 1/3 of the creatures and 1/3 part of ships.

3. Great Star falls from heaven as it were a lamp, a comet, and it falls upon a 1/3 part of the rivers. And the name of the star is called Wormwood, and a 1/3 part of the waters become wormwood, bitter.

4. 1/3 part of the sun is smitten, and a 1/3 part of the moon, and 1/3 part of the stars, smitten to darkness. And there was no sun for 1/3 part of the day, and no light of the moon for 1/3 part of the night.



7 Vials - The Wrath of God (Rev. 15:1)

1. Noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshiped his image.

2. the second angel poured his vial upon the sea and it became as blood of a dead man, and every living soul died in the sea.

3.upon the rivers and fountains of water, they became blood.

4. upon the sun, and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire...they are scorched with great heat..

5. upon the sea of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness, and they gnaw their tongues for pain, pains and  their sores.