The Antichrist and the Peace Treaty

         Last year a friend of mine had a dream of the Antichrist. She often has prophetic dreams and visions and although I had heard about the dream, I had forgotten a lot of it until recently when I was shocked to stumble on a Bible code that revealed some of the same events she had described in her dream.

         I dug through the code deeper and was able to uncover even more that Susan hadn't been shown in the dream, in particular, the beginning. I knew when I had first heard it, that she had been taken to a future event. I don't know how I knew, I just knew. Although I was shocked at the time I had first read her dream and the things she revealed, I was even moreso in a complete state of horror at what the code revealed.


        Here's an excerpt of Susan's vision:

     I dreamed of a man standing on a platform before a huge concrete colliseum or pavilion of sorts. He was olive or dark complected and had dark hair, and was talking to the people that were assembled and seated in the coliseum. There were only stone bench slabs for seats. No chairs or cushions. Rows and rows of stone benches.

     The man was very strong and forceful in his speech, and he was very foreboding. His voice was compelling and it held you when you heard it. He was to be feared. I knew he was the antichrist. He was speaking in either Hebrew or another foreign language, (but I don't know why I thought it was Hebrew, somehow in the dream that is what I thought it was.) and he was giving orders to those who were seated, and they were staring at him and not moving. You could feel the tension and the fear in the air. He had a man standing next to him off to the side a little.

    I was sitting on one of the stone benches on the front row. I had a very small infant with me. I was tending to it's needs, and trying to listen too. I knew this was not a good place to be at.

   A person was brought forth up onto the platform that the man was standing on in front of the people. The man next to the antichrist, moved towards this person, and he had an axe in his hand. The person was forced to kneel and the man then chopped the person's head off. The head flew off and down off of the platform. The antichrist was then threatening the people who were seated. I looked around frantically for others who could see the evil for what it was. No one moved.

     Then others were brought up. Scene after many scenes, I watched various manners of execution. From being pulled apart literally and their bodies bursting in many directions, to others being beaten, and severed afterwards. Some of the body parts flew all around us, and some of it landed on me. There were men and women, it mattered nothing to this man. He was in control.

     I tried warning others, but no one would listen. I got up, and took the baby, and began looking for a way out of there. I warned people, but no one came with me. No one heard me.

    I woke up.

    I can still see every scene, and every form of mutilation and death of the people. I laid there thinking about this dream for awhile. It was so real, and it is coming. to read it in its entirety click here

The Bible Code Reveals..

       Several years ago I had thrown out anything I had ever learned about Bible Prophecy, so could relearn it all directly from the Lord Himself. I was tired of the misinformation and misinterpretations from the prophecy gurus and the assembly line rhetoric of the churches who couldn't even agree on what was going to come in the future.

      Naturally I was surprised to keep discovering over and over in the codes terms that related to a covenant being confirmed and inside some kind of pavilion. It always indicated panic and terror associated with this event.

      I'm going to put in story form everything I was able to dig out of a code about this particular it's just something adlibbed along with facts I revealed to make it more a story form and understandable.

       Let's look into the future. The stage is set. The world is holding its breath for what will finally seem like peace is coming, not just to the middle east, but worldwide. Terrorism attacks, nuke bombs, many nations being involved and cities destroyed throughout America and the middle east. The third World War had jolted the American people into witnessing and experiencing the destruction come to its own homeland. The first time an invading enemy had successfully launched it's arsenal on our country.

       The country had been divided. The Christians and the Patriots, those who would die to defend the constitution of America, didn't want the presence of the New World Order here. Roundups of these dissidents to the NWO had been taken place and the people captured by the UN forces brought in years earlier and hidden on military bases and underground to maintain order at this time (it was all preplanned). Many American civilians, over 40 million were being herded to internment camps to be killed. A literalAmerican Holocaust. A replica of the Jewish Holocaust in World War 2 which was now taking place in America and Canada.

       The country had been kidnapped and under the control of the NWO who had subtly took over the government through treasonous and traitorous elected officials, coups, and assassinations over the centuries to get certain people elected and legislations passed through Congress. The real voice of the people wasn't being heard, but stifled. The American media had continued to lie and push forth NWO propaganda while the couch potatoes never thought such a sinister conspiracy could have ever taken control of the country to begin with, until it was too late for them to wake then they had no choice but to admit they'd been deceived and lied to, and by then it was too late to do anything about it but pray and try to survive.

      America's strength had been shattered with the nuking of some of its cities and the depletion of its military. Chinese, Russian, and German troops were everywhere trying to restore order, as if we wanted them here. Our country had been divided into regions of ethnic military rule. The Chinese were controlling the western and southern borders while the Russians controlled the North, with the Germans in the East. They also mixed throughout the midwest divvying up states into military control.

      It had all been planned, for years through successive presidencies loyal to a global government to hand America over to the dictatorial rule of the Antichrist. The problem with these egotistical leaders was that they all thought that they would be the one who got to rule and control this global government  American tax dollars were building. They had been lied to and deceived themselves. The entire NWO is nothing but one big lie and deception. And all those in it will pay the ultimate price with their lives instead of reaping the rewards they they would receive for helping build it.

      After much war, destruction, famine and death. The world is crying for peace.

      The pavilion is on the world's center stage. The heads of states from every country are there to witness the event that will bring peace to the world once and for all. A table has been set up, more picturesque of a stone slab where the treaty will be signed.

       This treaty signing will take place either in Israel or the United States. Babylon was dominant in the code. However Israel and Carmel were also mentioned. Carmel is a hilly area north of Israel.

        There is a stage set up inside the Pavilion, or make-shift Pavilion-Tent  set up for the occasion. Or perhaps it's an ancient meeting area of some kind. The man at the table appears to be a religious figure of some kind. Perhaps this signifies the False Prophet, or the religious features and characteristics the Antichrist pretends to have. The Bible reveals him as a false christ, he's against the true Christ, therefore he is anti-christ.

      There is joking and pleasantries. A supplication and prayer is made. In a few minutes, they're all going to need it.

      I don't know how it happens, but somewhere from prayer to the signing of the treaty the Antichrist turns into what the codes describe, an uncivilized savage. As a preliminary and prepatory act before the signing of the treaty, those among our nations who were leading us into war and causing all the warmongering, will be beheaded, on stage. World leaders, at this time either present or past, and those who helped send the world into World War 3, will pay for their warmongering crimes with their lives. This includes, but not limited too.. George Bush Jr., Dick Cheney, Colin Powell and Tony Blair.  Fear, Panic, and Terror will strike them, and those watching. Those present will be induced into some kind of hypnotic trance by some chemical intoxicant they are given or breathing, the code was unclear on how it happens but states that some intoxicating chemical makes them lethargic, unable to move as the Antichrist viciously kills and decapitates those leaders.

      Following this human butchery act on center stage the treaty is signed. Will it bring good will and peace to the world? What exactly does peace require Antichrist style?  For after this act of gesture to bring peace to the world, he then again, begins to savagely maim, torture, dismember, behead, and kill the people who are in attendance for this signing of a peace treaty. The codes indicate, people- will die.

      The codes indicate sheer terror, horror, fright, for those becoming victims of his wrath, to those forced to watch it happen, to those who just can't take their eyes off of what is happening. Hillary Clinton is either there or watching it, as well as the Queen. Both are in horror and fear. In fact both are ashamed at the events taking place. It's not often you see the worlds conspiracy leaders shocked at something that happens. It actually means they didn't know beforehand it was going to happen.

      As I pondered over the significance of this event, which I could almost see in my spirit happening as I would try to unravel it, all I could feel was horror and terror myself. I even rationalized the first part.

      For the Antichrist to declare he's a man of peace (he does not declare he's a man of love) then he must show the world he indeed wants and demands peace. As a symbolic gesture of his aims to bring peace to the world, he will openly and publicly kill those who brought war by beheading and decapitating them live on television.

      He then confirms the treaty (possibly the Oslo Accord) to bring a false peace to the middle east. Then this is where it goes bizarre, he starts killing people again. I don't know, maybe his desire for agony and death the first time around wasn't satisfying enough, because now he goes into the audience and starts having people pulled out of it to be brought up to the stage and dismembered, tortured and killed.

       The world is in shock.

       And thus the Antichrist becomes the man of the hour..the man of global government, the man who will become Satan incarnate in the flesh.



     This is parts of the Antichrist-Peace Treaty code I stumbled on while I was working on another one at the time. I was surprised to run into it. I had to hide the identify of the person whose code I was working on at the time so you'll only see excerpts, mainly where the terms were found and how they relate to each other. I know it's hard to see how they relate to each other because you almost have to see for yourself how they land while originally working on it. Many letters will run into each other so instead of seeing a whole word you only see parts. In code language it signifies high relevance and total relevance to each other when they run into each other like that.


False - Ante - Christ - Priest - Divine - Clergyman - Pavilion - Lodge - Alliance - Treaty - Stone - Slab - Table


Hillary - Pleasantry - Babylon - Pavilion - Carmel - Hillary - Israel

Ante - Christ - Pavilion - Tent - Uncivilized - Savage - Butchery - Sacrifice

Queen - Ashamed - Shamefaced - Terror - Horror - Overpowering - Shocking

Hillary - Terror - Horror - Shamefaced - Uncivilized Savage

People - Will Die - Uncivilized Savage

Will Die - Slew - Killing - Butchery - Beheaded - Slab - Pavilion - Lodge - Tent - Platform - Stage - People - Hillary

Drowsy - People - Poison - Toxicant - Chemical - Torturer - Pavilion

Preliminary - Prepatory - Treaty - Pact - Peace - Overpowering - Shocking - Awe - Terror - Fear - Horror -Panic - Decapitated - Beheaded

Decapitated - Beheaded - Bush Jr. - Cheney

Decapitated - Beheaded - Bush Jr. - Cheney - Powell - Tony Blair