Sharon Sobczak and Paul Hellem present...."A Mighty Wind" ... one of the biggest Farts on the Internet...

AKA (also known as) Elizabeth Sherrie (add more names here there are so many) and her husband Paul Nikomia


Elizabeth has put up several web pages of Slanderous lies about me at






These are pure slander, lies, and garbage...and yet she claims she's of God?? Wake up folks!

Internet Defamation and Cyber Bullying are the only traits from this Liar I have seen that have been the truth!

If you are listening to her you are being deceived by someone who thinks nothing about Lying for a living...think about it folks!

She even paid for a $6,500 ad at Rense.com to lead to a web page claiming I'm an alien


Wake up folks!


And she has affected many others with her lies, satanic delusions, and bullying...


Bridgitte is the wife of the former webmaster for the Nikomia's whose been missing since they went to Alaska...


This Is A Telephone Conversation 3/4/2010 With Bridgitte Wilson. Her Husband Chuck Wilson Was Deceived By Amightywind/Elisabeth Elijah Nikomia Which Resulted In The Break Up Of Their Marriage.

As Wilson revealed - If he's not dead then where he is? Where's his body?

You can read Elisabeth's rebuttal here where she claims Chuck hates his wife and is living with another woman and hiding because he doesn't want his wife to know where  he is... http://www.youtube.com/comment_servlet?all_comments=1&v=ZrMDKDI_H44

the drama..the drama..


This website has many personal testimonies and videos from those whose lives have been affected by "amightywind" of lies, deception and fraud. Many have been abused by this cult of wickedness and deceit and people need to be informed about them and aware of who and what these people are that run this cult.




YouTube channels [and website] exposing this CULT:

- AmightywindEXPOSED
- AmightyCULT
- AmightywindEXPOSEDD
- AmightywinddotORG
- AlmightywindEXPOSED

Website Exposing Amightywind


You can also view videos away from YouTube:


other videos:

*BEWARE* Almightywind.com EXPOSED as Rat Poison


Amightywind - Sue Me


The stench of Amightywind


Amightywind False Flag Liars


List of Youtube ids' Almightywind has along with cult members


- 4thetruth100
- ABBAsbeeloved
- Aldeo77
- Blossom831
- cbr6864 
- childofyahvh
- clarioncall144
- DaughterOfYAH27
- DolphinofYAH
- eggs714
- EndTimesMovement
- Exposetheevil007
- frenchyo7
- gdg1963
- gracewmercy
- HisSheep01
- HopeinYAH
- jarofclay9
- karlvet
- katpiering123

- piotrek02217
- Reuven0725
- RevDrRussell
- ServantoftheLamb
- SevenSongs7
- ShabbatSealed
- smashstuff30
- snsherryah
- SonShineYT
- StandUpForYAH03
- T2Todd2
- treesfourme

- UnprofitableSoldier
- VictoryInYAHUSHUA777
- vinnyhb2
- warningprophetofyah
- WeepingLambOfYah
- YAHmyredeemer
- YAHreign777
- YAHsaveswitness
- YAHsbaby
- YAHsLioness3
- YAHSservant777 
- YAHSsheep777
- YAHSLADYnRED = false prophetess

YAHSLittleOne = Co-Owner

CULT list updated: 5-15-2010

The reason I list them all is because allegedly they all work together to fight against and sabotage the work of ministries online who serve the Most High while they claim their "Female Goddess Worship" is a true religion...so do the Pagans and Witches who worship "Mother Earth" and "Ishtar, the Queen of Heaven"...here Elizabeth claims to be the "Queen of Heaven" herself. It would be laughable if it wasn't deceiving people!

These people are evil and wicked and I pray for the Most High's Judgment on them all. If 'amightywind' was truly any sort of "Christian" ministry, then they would be fighting against Satan and his strongholds and not against the 'brethren.'  But they have shown their true colors and are not brethren, but enemies of the Most High and His people.


The only people I know who have numerous aliases and names, are those who have something to hide.




My Rebuttal to Elizabeth Nikomia

Elizabeth Nikomia, one who calls herself an Apostle, posted this attack about me on her website. This is my rebuttal to her lies and false accusations.


There is a woman who is called Sherry Shriner, she is an author of books and claims she can decipher bible codes. She twists the bible codes to conform into the image she chooses. (I decode exactly what they say, just because I couldn't find "how great thou (you think you) art" in the codes doesn't mean they are wrong, you are. Several years ago Elizabeth called me and begged me to run a Bible Code on her, she wanted me to prove via the codes that she was the Lord's ringbearer. I could find no such thing in the codes and told her so. I didn't run just one code, I ran several of them and couldn't find anything that she was insisting I find for her. It just wasn't there in the codes. I can't decipher what they don't say)

Sharon Sobjzak AKA Elizabeth Nikomia and her husband Paul Hellem AKA Paul Nikomia

 She says her name Sherry in numerology means YAHWEH and Shriner means Time. (I was sent my name via numerology by a list member). Well, now it is TIME for YAHUVEH to expose her in HIS Timing. Sherry Shriner mixes truth with lies. Sherry Shriner is the reptilian alien that she warns about when she wrote and now sells her book “Aliens on the Internet.” (LOL!!)  She only posts a picture of herself of what she looked like in school years ago. Where is her picture for today? She fears others will see what I, YAHUVEH am revealing now. She works for both sides of the guards one from earth and one from hell. (oh Please, I"d tell her to shut up now but it gets much better. I don't post a picture of myself so there's a conspiracy involved? LOL..I like the anonymity, and my work here on earth is for the Lord, not to bring attention to myself.)

Sherry Shriner mocks Apostle Paul (Shaul) and says, "Any book in the bible he wrote, throw it out!"
(that's exactly right, there were 12 apostles, not 13. Mathias replaced Judas not Paul) She twists scriptures to try and prove Paul was not one of the apostles (the Scriptures prove that themselves, they don't even need me to point out what's already there, the requirement of an apostle was that they had to have known the Lord and walked with Him when He was on earth. Paul never did. Elizabeth needs Paul to be legit so she can legitimize her own claims of being an Apostle. No person today can claim to be an apostle, it is she who twists and ignores Scripture to believe Paul was an apostle), so therefore he is of serpent seed. Sherry Shriner has sold her soul to satan and allowed her body to be taken over by alien powers for fame and fortune. (LOL!! Apparently Elizabeth hasn't been paying attention. I was homeless for 3 months last year and live in basic poverty. So where's the fame and fortune? ) She mocks this Ministry and warned Elisabeth when Elisabeth told her that Elisabeth’s middle name is Sherrie and Elisabeth was going by the name Sherrie when she was used to birth Amightywind Ministry. Upon hearing this Sherry Shriner told Elisabeth years ago over the phone, there is room only for one Sherry here, and that is Sherry Shriner, you stay Elisabeth. (LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!! literally rolling on the floor laughing here...what do I care if her name is Sherrie? LOLOL!! I could care less about her ministry, it's obviously not one the Lord can use for His purposes when you can't even get on the website without hearing demons speaking via tongues. Who is she glorifying? God or herself allowing demons to manifest through her?)

Sherry Shriner also did Elisabeth’s name in bible code, which she normally charged a hundred dollars, she let Elisabeth know
(because it takes a lot of time, 40 hours normally to do one code, I don't think $100 is much to ask for a weeks worth of work do you? And I don't even remember saying that to her but whatever, it was a few years ago I can't say one way or the other if I did or not). She spent days doing her bible code for free and let her know that both of them are generals and leaders. However she let Elisabeth know there were the words “gibberish tongues” in Elisabeth’s bible code (yep, amongst other things). Elisabeth rebuked her and reminded her of what is written in the Book of Acts, that speaking in Holy unknown tongues is speaking in tongues of men and angels. Sherry Shriner argued back and said, "Paul taught that and you have to throw it out." (I told her many things about tongues Elizabeth didn't want to hear, she was insistent tongues were of God because she was already in a battle with her own husband about it who also doesn't agree with speaking in tongues. She certainly didn't want to hear the Bible codes refer to them as gibberish. She just doesn't want the truth about them from anyone).

Sherry Shriner mocks speaking in Holy tongues. She mocks because satan at one time, by her own testimony, gave her demonic tongues. This is because Sherry Shriner had head knowledge and no heart knowledge of the one she called Jesus Christ at the time. Now to confuse people, she calls what the Book of Acts calls speaking in an unknown tongue, the work of the devil. Sherry Shriner is a false prophet, time and again this has been proven as she has given bible codes with dates and nothing comes to pass.
(I have never applied a certain date to a Bible Code, in fact I have a whole article on my website about Dates and Codes. You can't set a date on an event when it can be delayed and cancelled, and even have several months listed for one event...it's impossible. Yes I did have an experience with tongues and the Lord pulled me right out of them and revealed to me what they were. So why aren't you listening to Him Elizabeth? In fact which "God" are you listening to? The Book of Acts was written by Paul's scribe Luke. Enough said.)

Elizabeth Nikomia

Beware, Sherry Shriner does have some knowledge satan gave to her in exchange for her soul, that she was never to know.
(I was never to know what? LOL..again more fear tactics from Elizabeth for whatever reason, even all the years of hatred and attacks from Harry Walther were never this good, this has been quiet entertaining)  Do NOT go to her website, unless you have I, YAHUVEH’s permission, for there are tracking devices for both of the leaders she works for (tracking devices? well you can look at the source codes for all my webpages and websites and see nothing listed for tracking. If there are it's from the CIA who owns the servers all websites are sitting on and there's nothing I can do about that, they attack my websites all the time but seems to be yet another fear tactic from Elizabeth herself). If you are looking for her to protect you in anyway, beware, for your names are already on a list of hers. (I have no list, and I can't protect anyone, only the Most High can.) If you have purchased the emergency rations she sells, your name is on a list she has compiled. (LOL!!! I have a website link to www.beprepared.com on my websites to HELP people, I am not associated with that website in any way other than being a customer myself).  If you are on her email list, beware, you are also on the Governments email list as well as satan's. (Is that why you're on my list Elizabeth? LOL..! I wouldn't doubt there's more agents and enemies on my lists than anything else.)

Sherry Shriner sells her Orgone and claims her Orgone will keep demons, aliens, sickness, disease, poverty, and weather disasters, away from you. I, YAHUVEH now decree, Sherry Shriner you have been warned, HOW DARE YOU say something you make with your own hands can defeat the demons, or cure anyone, or control the weather
(You're speaking for God now? Which one Elizabeth? I think it's apparent you are controlled by ELF and the ELF God. Testimonies have been coming in for years about orgone has helped people. It's not about me or "my" orgone, it's about the Most High HIMSELF and what HE has given us to use to protect ourselves with in these last days. It's about HIM, I'm just a messenger.)  Sherry Shriner you are a FALSE PROPHET to the highest degree. (the "highest degree"? I've noticed the Satanists like using those ranking terms a lot. What exactly are you Elizabeth? Just an innocent enemy deceived by ELF or a Satanist yourself? For years I've just ignored you because it's not my style to outright attack people or even answer to enemies, but you've crossed the line because you're dangerous. Several years ago you decided to create an apostles and watchmen group. What for?? I warned people back then without using your name that those kinds of groups were dangerous because they were being used to gather names of all those who are/think/ and even imagine themselves to be anointed from the Lord. It's just a tool to deceive people and put their names on lists...and YOU were the one creating such a group. I have no need to collect names. Yah knows who His people are already.)

You slander Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah, because you know both of you are called to be leaders.(this doesn't even make sense "you know both of you" LOL..I haven't spoken a word about you in years...and I don't think I ever mentioned your direct name, yet you stretch your imagination to make it sound like I'm the one attacking you when it is you who has posted this garbage about me on your website recently.)  She is a leader for I, YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and OUR Beloved, Precious RUACH ha KODESH also called MOMMA WISDOM.
(get a grip, you are NOT hearing from the Most High. Momma wisdom? Whatever you're drinking is not from the cup of the Lord Himself).  Sherry Shriner you have sold your soul to satan, you are one of satan’s leaders, this is true. (I serve and worship the Most High God, Yaweh-Yehowah, I seek to please and serve Him and I am a warrior at His Command). You have head knowledge, it is true, but that is all you have. You even copy the Hebrew ways of this Messianic Ministry to confuse the people. Before your only target was the Christians in the name of JESUS, now you target the Jews in YAHUSHUA's NAME. (today's "Jews" are mostly serpent seed, the Most High is the Lord of those who seek to follow and worship Him. His New Covenant replaced the old bloodline Covenant with the Israelites. I have head knowledge given to me by sitting at the Lord's feet and praying and asking HIM daily for the truth in all things. You should try it some time so He can lead you out of your delusions Elizabeth.)

Sherry Shriner you are not even who people think you are, you are a worker of inequity and I warn now, let this broadcast far and wide warn everyone. Sherry Shriner promotes her Orgone for the destruction of minds, bodies, spirits and souls! Do not put your faith in Orgone, put your faith in I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA to protect you in the days of calamity! She says she knows you can pray to YAHUSHUA for protection, but that is the hard way, instead she says, "Buy her Orgone and it is the easy way." BLASPHEMY! Nothing can protect you but the NAME and the Shed Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.
(Noah built an Ark as he was commanded to do, David chose 3 pebbles out of a river that he was commanded to do, don't ask the Lord for something if you don't expect to have to do something. When I asked the Lord how to stop the ELF, RMN and other high tech weapon attacks against me HE led me to orgone. The same as He is doing to thousands across the world. I pray daily, but when the Lord says to DO something I do it. Plain and simple. I take my marching orders from the Commander in Chief Himself, not you Elizabeth).


Sherry Shriner I, YAHUVEH rebuke you now for saying, 'Your Orgone will protect people from demons and UFO’s full of demonic aliens.' MY Little Ones, do not discard the warning about the UFO’s and aliens, but realize only I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH can and will protect you in the days of calamity and tribulation. This is the truth about the Orgone she makes and sells and tells you to plant all over various parts of the world, or tells you to wear it on a neckchain or put it in your bedrooms or inside your home. (If it was me, so be it, but the same God that I worship and serve- the Most High- is leading tens of thousands of His people around the world to plant orgone to protect themselves against the coming alien invasions and the high tech weapons being used against them. Your "god" can't stand being defeated Elizabeth, my GOD is showing His people how to protect themselves.)


Here is a truth I, YAHUVEH speak forth from Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah. It is Elisabeth that has a Holy Warrior Spirit as David had as a Shepherd Boy, when he battled Goliath. Sherry Shriner is not the grand daughter of King David of old as she claims. In fact Sherry Shriner is a Goliath of evil speaking forth doctrines of devils and secrets revealed to her by satan and mixing in some biblical truths to confuse the people. Sherry Shriner is the 'Alien on the Internet' and she is not what she portrays herself to be. You have been warned. (LOL!!! Well I guess you'd have to get busy and assassinate my entire genealogical line from the earth since we lead straight back to King David. You just can't stand it can you? What is with all the hatred and animosity? Secrets? I have no secrets. Anything the Lord has revealed to me He has revealed to many of His people, or confirmed through His people. There's nothing special about me, it's not about me it's about HIM and being able to be used by HIM for His people. What you see is what I am. Ask the people who have met me and know me personally. I'm no different in person than I am on the internet, or on the air. How can you make those accusations when you have never met me Elizabeth? You're grabbing for straws that don't exist to try to attack and discredit me, your attacks fall on air and blow away with the wind. Perhaps that's why you call your website all mighty wind? Because everything you say is dead air and blows away with the wind...)


I send you forth Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah, to do what you have asked ME not to do and that is to expose, battle and speak forth words to this 'Alien on the Internet' named Sherry Shriner in the NAME of YAHUVEH! Sherry Shriner you target the Christians and Messianic Jews because they are the ones satan wants to destroy the most. Beware Holy people and warn others. The Orgone she makes she claims is her secret recipe and that it works different than other Orgone, but in truth it will attract the demons, your homes will become possessed with evil spirits, the land you plant her Orgone will be as a tracking device to the devil and the aliens who are already here in disguise. They are satan’s fallen elite troops! (actually from the hundred of testimonies about orgone it speaks for itself and how it protects HIS people. Your "god" simply can't stand it because he doesn't have the open access to those who are protected as he does with you).

Because you put your faith in her Orgone I, YAHUVEH will allow sicknesses to come upon your body. I, YAHUVEH will allow your homes to become infested with evil. I, YAHUVEH will allow poverty where you had prosperity. I will allow the destroyer to destroy all you own if you do not repent, dig up, warn, and demand your money back spent on her books, emergency supplies, and her Orgone and redeem the finances I gave you, into Holy ground. I, YAHUVEH have warned you, if you depend on her Orgone to protect you, you have been sorely deceived! This image of a woman laughs all the way to the bank because you believed her lies! For those who continue to believe her lies, death and destruction is all you will see. (LOL..boy you're really getting desperate now. You keep talking about all this money I have made, if you were speaking from the Most High, as you claim to be, He would never say such a thing, because HE knows who I am and how I live. He knows I've been homeless, He knows I rent a house in the poorest part of town, He knows I live dependent on Him month to month just to keep the lights on and heat in the house. He knows I've gone without hot water for 6 months at a time before because I couldn't pay the gas bill. So you just keep running your mouth that you're speaking from the Lord, someone might believe it, although it only takes half a penny of discernment to read your garbage or scroll through your garbage website to discern you're a legend in your own mind and a tool of Satan's).

Why do you think she brags her Orgone is better than anyone else's? Because she has a secret recipe? Her Orgone will not save anyone, and will harm everyone who does not repent and ask ME for forgiveness for the stupidity of believing the lies sent by satan.
(Because it is better than anyone else's and it's helping people, that's why the instructions are there for everyone to make it themselves. Only Don Croft and the NSA are furious about my orgone, other than Satan himself, so which are you with Elizabeth? The NSA or Satan's tool?)

She exposes the enemies of YAHUSHUA for one purpose and that is to gain your trust. Why do you think she calls Benny Hinn evil names, and tells you when he ministers go and plant her Orgone where he is ministering around the world? I will tell you why, "It is because this empowers his strange occult fire!"
(LOL! from what I"ve heard it's a great deterrent and hinders his services so he can't call on Satan and receive help from Satan, the fewer deceived by him and his false miracles the better don't you think Elizabeth?) How else can satan get you to take part in planting her Orgone if you do not think you are fighting evil? Why do you think she now begs for money to build her Orgone factories around the world. Yes, even internationally she wants to contaminate the atmosphere because this benefits satan’s elite forces that are coming from space. They are the Princes and Powers of the Air and some are already here! THEY NEED HER ORGONE!!! This Orgone is also affecting global warming, so be warned. (now you sound like you're cheering the aliens on and trying to prepare their arrival here on earth. We, on the other hand, are warring against them and it's going to be one of the greatest battles ever in the history of this planet!  Yah's people against Satan and all his forces....and guess who wins??!!! Yah does! Amen and Amen So Be It!!!)

and blah blah blah she goes on...

Several years ago when I was with Reality Radio Network you (Elizabeth) contacted me during a radio show claiming you were trying to access the radio show. And for several emails you went on a hateful tirade and rant about having to pay to access my radio show and how ludicrous you thought that was, and you told me "God (whatever name you used for Him at the time) told you to tell me blah blah blah...and you went on for several emails about all these messages that "God" had for you to tell me about charging money for people to listen to my radio shows etc...etc.. and etc..

I read your rants and tirades and "messages" that your "god" had for me. Then I replied to you that my radio show was FREE and all my archives are FREE and anyone can access everything I have for FREE. I've never charged for a dime for anything.

I asked you then and I'll ask you now. which "God" are you listening to? And which "God" were those messages from rebuking me about charging for the radio show? The one true God would have already known they were free and you had accessed a wrong website. He wouldn't have given you those messages to give to me because HE doesn't make mistakes!

You falsely accused me then, and you falsely accuse me now of even more stupidity and false claims about me.

You, Elizabeth Nikomia whatever your whole name is, DO NOT HEAR from the Most High...you are controlled and hear from Satan, Demons, and ELF technology.

I can't imagine anyone wastes their time or energy with your lies, false prophecies, false accusations, and false ministry online. You don't serve Yahweh the Most High and neither are you a mouthpiece for HIM. You are not a messenger, you are not a prophet, you are not a watchman, you are not ANYTHING you claim to be. You are deceived, delusional, and a tool of Satan's to rail against and attack Yah's real people.


Read more about Nikomia and her ministry..it indeed sounds like a NSA/CIA operation folks, most cults are run by the government..she has been accused more than once of stealing money from people and leaving them hanging to dry...a classic trait of gov agents and the MPD's who become pawns for them to use...others in this category/group would include Stew Webb, Linda Newkirk and Pam Schuffert...MPD pawns of the gov't who control them.  Several years ago Elizabeth and Pam Schuffert were in a scandal involving stealing money and jewelry from a diabetic woman whom they met on the road somewhere...as the incident goes this woman was having a diabetic attack and both Linda and Pam left her by the road to die. Now you know why I have nothing to do with people on the internet and keep to myself most of the time.  Yah Himself keeps it that way...He keeps me set apart for HIS purposes...not man's. I've had run-ins with all these people and the one trait that is dominant amongst them is the MPD disorder.





I will let her own words speak for her. She wants me to die in a fiery car crash and my body dashed against the ground. Are these the words of a woman of G-d? A prophet? Or a maniacal and murderous cult leader?



And who is Sharon Sobczak i.e. Elizabeth Nikomia?? Does anyone really know?? Here's some insight from another website...


Some Questions Others Have For Sharon.....I can't speak for the credibility of this website since this same site has come up with some real doozy lies just about me...and take no shame in it...as Sharon (Elizabeth Nikomia) doesn't seem to care either when she outright lies about people....these 2 deserve each other...

http://www.prophecies.org/DOCS/Book 12/Chapter55.htm


Ms. Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia (Nikomia), these are my questions to you!

1. You were apparently brought up in the midst of Satanism since you were thirteen years old! By your own confessions, you ran away with your soon-to-be satanic husband at that tender age and proceeded to live with him for over thirty years! I want to know for the record and for all, who read your slurs: how many of these satanic ceremonies did you participate in? How many of these so-called “drifters”, who were employed by your husband, were sacrificed to Satan? What kind of Satanic/witchcraft practices have you been in and what kind of witchcraft do you still participate in? Ms. Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia, some of your victims have come to me for prayer and for spiritual help and as such I have even more questions for you!

2. Ms Elizabeth Sheri Elizabeth Nikomia, did you, or did you not entice seven of your webmasters to leave their wives and to turn over to you their life savings, their 401 Ks and even money from the sale of their houses, to you??

3. Ms Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia, did you, or did you not show up in Alaska about six years ago with one of your webmasters? And, is it not true that this webmaster disappeared, his last known whereabouts reportedly being with you and your son in Alaska? And, word is that to this day, his wife and family mourn him!

4. Ms Sheri Elizabeth Elijah Nikomia, did you, or did you not meet with a diabetic woman in a motel room in the western part of the USA; and in your presence this woman went into a diabetic coma, thereafter needing hospitalization! And, is it not true that this woman had in her possession a large amount of money; and that when she came back to her motel room after her hospital visit, her money was gone? Is it not true, Ms. ELIZABETH SHERI ELIJAH NIKOMIA, that you showed up later with this woman’s money, but according to the claims of this woman, most all of it her money was gone! And, this woman, being unable to prove the amount of money, which she previously had in her possession, was powerless to do anything about the so-called missing money! Did this event not take place!

5. Is it true, MS ELIZABETH SHERI ELIJAH NIKOMIA, that you sit in a witchcraft circle and chant, and that you also leave your body from time to time to go out and influence the dreams of others?

6. Is it not true, Ms. Sheri Elizabeth Elijah Nikomia, that you regularly convince others to leave their spouses and their families because you tell them that their families are evil and of the devil?



snipped from



Yet, Sheri Elijah lived in the house with a high-level Satanist, and was married to a high-level Satanist while she went around spreading the good news of the gospel! Get real, People! You should know by now that one of the very goals of the Satanists has been Christian infiltration and they make no bones about it! It is time for a wake-up call!

Who is Sheri Elijah?

It is time for the truth to come out!

Sheri Elijah’s real surname is not Elijah! She reportedly does not even know who her real Father is! She told me that she found out that a certain drifter, whose name was Elijah, could be her Father and she changed her last name to Elijah. She told me that she never knew who her earthly father was as her mother bedded so many men that she, her mother, did not even know her real father! Obviously, this name, Elijah, sounded better than the strange-sounding Pollack name of her Satanic husband! Did Sheri Whoever-she is change her name to fool the people? Within the past two years, or so, Sheri Elijah has changed her name again, this time, she has dropped the “Sheri” and is now using her middle name, Elizabeth. Was this on the advice of one of her friends, that Elizabeth sounds better than Sheri? Does the name, Sheri, sound too much like a liquor bottle, while Elizabeth Eliljah is most assuredly a very good sounding stage name! Who is this woman anyway?

I am the one, who helped Sheri Elijah, or whoever she is, her son, and her very troubled friend, to be free; and this was through deep intercessory prayer over many weeks! Sheri had claimed that “God” had told her that her friend should take her retirement money, move to Canada, and buy an old freemason lodge. Sheri and her son trailed along! As it turned out, this lodge was full of every kind of evil spirit and apparently this was too much for even the wife of a very seasoned Satanist!

We spent over $500.00 in telephone calls to and from Sheri Elijah! I helped her and prayed for her on the advice of someone else, who knew her, a mutual acquaintance at that time! I did not personally know this woman, but helped her out of good faith! I found an apartment for them in Arkansas and carried them around in Arkansas to help them get situated here. But, one night I got an e-mail, which I was not supposed to get! Two-faced Sheri was talking against me to a friend of hers by the name of Linda also; and she was cutting me down for revealing that reincarnation was true, among other things. I told Sheri “whoever she is” that our Father in Heaven would judge her, as I had only been good to her and she was backbiting me! I told her that she was returning evil for good! I also told her that she would go back into captivity and she did! She went back to her Satanist husband!

Sheri Elijah, or whoever she is, also told me that her high-level Satanist husband had a satanic altar beneath the stairs in their house and that there was a vortex in their house, which goes into hell. After she got here, I found out that this woman, Sheri, pedals a tape in which she is possessed of a demonic force from hell and this demonic force is warning others about hell. She is proud of this tape from hell! How can someone be possessed of the Spirit of God and be possessed of a demonic presence at the same time? She clearly admits that this “thing” has possessed her and has spoken through her more than once!


According to this it states that Sharon's first husband was a high ranking Satanist in Indiana...well guess what folks....THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD is based in Indiana...the largest Satanic Organization in this country!! Is that just a coincidence?







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