Stopping Alien and Military Attacks and Abductions
By Sherry Shriner

       People can protect themselves against physical and spiritual attacks from our military's black technology, aliens, and the demonic realm.

      At most risk are those who call themselves Christians or believers in the Most High and those who fight against the agenda of the New World Order or New Age-Alien agenda.

     They will come against you whether you see them or not. Whether you realize it or not. And whether you're prepared to defend yourself against it or not. Naturally they don't want you to do anything but succumb to the persecution and torture they have planned for you. They want to destroy you, perhaps kill you, or torment you until you choose to stay silent and move out of public view with your activism against them.

     I have seen that happen to a lot of people, especially believers. They start to get under attack and instead of seeking Him to stop them or becoming even bolder for the Most High they become fearful and run and hide hoping they'll be forgotten about and left alone.

    You may be left alone but you are never forgotten about. There are allegedly three lists that all people are separated and put on. For now it's just computer files and profiling. Eventually it will lead into much more. They are referred to as the yellow/green list, the blue list and the red list.

    If you are familiar with the NWO agenda then these lists probably sound familiar to you. The Green list is all those who will go along with the plans of the New World Order or can be persuaded to. The Blue list contains those who they deem as threats and nuisances. Those who will fight against the New World Order such as Christians and Constitutional Patriots who will resist their plans. They are marked to be sent to internment camps during martial law where they will be persecuted, tormented and killed. The Red list means immediate extermination for anyone on it once martial law is activated or whenever they activate the Red List exterminations. There are some people who allege that those on the Red List will be killed shortly before martial law even begins. These are active journalists, authors, owners of websites and known Patriots, Activists, or Christians who speak publicly against the New World Order. People who are in a position of influence over others.

    In reality not many people know exactly which list they are on, although they could imagine and probably guess for themselves which one. It doesn't take much to get noticed by them when they spend all their time profiling and building the files of those who don't agree with them by visiting online forums, websites, chat rooms, or even gathering names from church roster's submitted to the state that is required by all 501c churches, including those who tithe or support them.

     They have various ways in profiling who is what and who is where. They have been building their files for years.

     Civilian spying isn't something George Bush Jr. invented or started, he just made it public and made it sound like it was something they just started doing when the FBI's been actively doing it for 20 years. Possibly even longer than that.

     Some people get scared reading this kind of material. Others, like myself, could care less what they are doing, how they are doing it other than to inform others, or even why. We serve the Most High and could care less what man is doing, thinks they can do, or will do.

    Civilian profiling isn't going to stop. You may notice someone is following you, or you are a target of phone surveillance where they are listening to your phone calls, or reading your emails, or having your emails re-routed through their servers before they hit their final destination. I have traced my emails going through the White House before. It is not uncommon or as unusual as you may think. When I publicly commented on it a couple of years ago they got mad and blocked my ability to send emails from my websites using public email services such as MSN's Outlook Express. I couldn't use any of them. I had to resort to using my main email address with my ISP or a free service such as Yahoo.

     Some of us are spied on 24/7. I would say from the time you get up until the time you go to sleep but they're spying on you when you sleep as well. Your life becomes an open book to government agency profilers and spies. Throughout previous years I've also referred to them as database builders.

    If they deem you as a threat to their agenda(s) you may experience intimidation tactics. They only follow you if they want you to see them. This isn't Hollywood. They are way beyond Hollywood and old school forms of surveillance. They can follow you without you even seeing them or knowing they are around. They can use cameras or satellites or even surveillance from "UFO"s. Most peoples cars are chipped or bugged and can just be followed via satellites.

     If you are a real nuisance you may find yourself being attacked by their electromagnetic weapons, abducted out of your sleep, or chip implanted with their tracking chips that also serve as 2-way transistors where they can harass you by speaking thoughts to your mind or just communicating with you in a sort of telepathic way. I don't' know how else to describe it. Most people don't recognize that one and so think they are hearing from "God" or just thinking the thoughts they are having are from themselves, or think it's just a demonic attack instead of coming directly from military technology. Other people can recognize voices and think they are schizophrenic. Sometimes some people just are, but for most people it's usually just the military and the black technology they're using to invade and  torment you with.

     We are in the middle of a war and it is a battle for your mind and for your soul. And for most, it's daily.

     Some of the worst forms of their assaults on mankind are from their laser beam weapons, pumped up microwave weapons, dreamscape manipulation, or psychotronics that they can target at certain individuals as opposed to entire groups of people living in the same town or municipality.

     And unlike most people believe, they do and can have access to Christians and believers in the Most High. They can target you inside your homes, while you're sleeping, or even send in astral projectors who are humans in spirit form who sit and spy on you or even try to telepathically kill you with voodoo focus techniques while you're sitting at your computer or doing something else. They can cause you to have a heart attack, stroke, brain aneurism, cancers, etc..so it looks like you died of natural or unexpected causes but won't lead to an investigation after your death because it doesn't look like outright murder.

     How many people would think getting cancer could really be a targeted assassination against yourself or someone else? And how many others come down with brain aneurisms, or strokes and heart attacks, or a sudden illness that kills them? These are common assassination techniques, yet most people aren't aware of it.

     Some people describe waking up with needle marks or other disfigurations in their hands or arms that leads them to suspect they were abducted while they were sleeping. And these things happen, but the Lord has told us how to stop it and how we can protect ourselves against it.

     A few things we can do to protect ourselves against attack are: 1. Don't go to sleep with unconfessed sin. 2. Rebuke and renounce all generational curses in His Name. 3. Rebuke and renounce all contracts allowing them access to you made directly or indirectly by you with them in His Name. 4. Ask the Lord to break their equipment (He will too, it's funny). 5. Ask the Lord to send all those coming up against you into derision. 6. Ask the Lord to protect you and your family and to surround your home with His Warrior Angels. 7. Anoint your yard and home with oil and/or keep orgone in your yard, home and in your bedroom (the demonic and aliens hate it. There are multiple uses for orgone you can see them at http://www.orgoneblasters.com or http://www.tearingdownstrongholds.com 

     I used to have to fight against attacks all the time until I started seeking the Lord and asking Him how to just stop them once and for all. He started showing me ways to fight against them. Attacks still come from the bold and stupid on occasion but they are few and far between what they used to be.

     When I first started getting attacked with Psychotronics I didn't know what was going on. Some refer to it as ultrasonics. Either way it's annoying noises such as talking or music that you hear and can't figure out where it's coming from. It also includes dreamscape manipulation where they try to flash images at you while you're in a semi-sleep state to try and program you. Once you see this start just wake up, or the Lord Himself will wake you up. Don't watch the picture show. Be on guard against their tactics. Or they play music, or use one of their gazillion tactics of keeping you from getting any sleep, some hear bowling balls rolling on the floor, or a loud alarm clock ticking, or even noises they can't explain. Just ask the Lord to break their equipment and get some sleep. This is usually the military using their black technology against you.

     Electromagnetic Frequency attacks, often referred to as ELF (extreme low frequency) attacks are another type of attacks they pull out of their cat bag. These are the ones orgone can defeat and just keeping orgone around will keep them from affecting you so you're fighting it without even realizing it. Some of the effects caused by this are dizziness, headaches, and painful chest pains. Back before I had orgone I would have to leave the house for a while and as soon as I left I would feel fine. Sometimes just shutting down the computer and walking away from it for a while would work just fine. Yes they can attack you through your monitor. I put orgone on my computer monitor, under my bed, have it throughout my house on my TV, refrigerator, bookshelves and dressers, by the front door, back door and throughout the yard. I also wear a pendent or put a mini-orgone in my pocket.  I don't get these attacks anymore.

     One time I was sleeping and the Lord woke me up and so I looked around my bedroom and I could see a mixture of alien beings and humans standing around inside my room all staring at me. I sat there and watched the freak show for a couple seconds and just rolled over putting my back to them while asking the Lord to send His angels to kick their butts out.  Some people go as far as entertaining angelic visitations at night thinking they are real angels and from the Lord. It gets ridiculous. Just kick their butts out folks in His Name. Don't entertain them. The Lord is not sending His angels to you to give you messages or prophecies or visions. We have His Holy Spirit within us and we can talk to Him direct and He can lead us directly. And if He did send an angel you would hear a booming voice, see a brilliant light and you would be jumping 10 feet in the air in shock while the angel boldly pronounced who he is and what he was sent to tell you. You wouldn't be in a half-dream state seeing these things or experiencing something "heavenly." Dreamscape manipulation is common today and many mistake this and the charades they (military, aliens and demonic) pull as being of God.

     Sleep abductions are the least talked about because people aren't sure what's going on and they certainly won't talk about it because others will think they are crazy. Some are abducted by aliens, others by the military. I talked about this in my article The Elf God (http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/elf-god.htm)

     When I asked the Lord about this He told me that unconfessed sin will give them the access they need to abduct believers in Him. All they need is an open doorway such as unconfessed sin and they can have access to you. So what they do is pull their tricks out of the cat bag to get you to sin before you fall asleep if you haven't already throughout the day. They will keep your mind distracted so you won't pray and seek forgiveness before you fall asleep. They will entertain your thought life with thoughts that make you angry toward someone else, or cause you to think on sexual things that cause you to lust after someone else, and then of course you feel too guilty to pray so you ignore God and just go to sleep. Or they keep you busy with thoughts on things you need to do the next day instead of praying. All they have to do is get you to sin in any way and then once you fall asleep without confessing it they have access to you. The Lord will allow them to abduct you because you are in some type of sin. Others have generational curses they haven't broken that allow abductions. So those are areas you have to deal with to stop either alien or military abductions.

      Yahushua taught holiness or hell. Yet so many people have a license to sin mentality. If you sin you are going to suffer the affects in the here and now. Yahushua forgives us for our sin yet commands us not to sin and He will allow us to reap the benefits of what we sow when we do sin. There are many people who truly believed they were born again believers from reciting a 30-second Salvation prayer and then find themselves being abducted by aliens for one reason or another including chip implantation, abuse, and even killed and used as food. True repentance means turning away from sin and seeking and following Him. If you are walking in holiness then you are not walking in sin.      

        Can bad things happen to a "born again" believer? You bet they can:  

   Who hate the good, and love the evil; who pluck off their skin from off them, and their flesh from off their bones.

   Who also eat the flesh of my people, and flay their skin from off them; and they break their bones, and chop them in pieces, as for the pot, and as flesh within the caldron.

   Then shall they cry unto the Lord, but he will not hear them: he will even hide his face from them at that time, as they have behaved themselves ill in their doings. Micah 3:2-4

     Many churches preach an erroneous sin defeatism mentality whereby we are all born in sin, can never overcome it, can never keep it out of our lives and are helpless to do anything about it until we receive glorified bodies. Yahushua never sinned and He came as a man, had a physical body just as we do and had the same temptations and desires. He overcame them by walking in holiness. And that's what He teaches us to do yet so many refuse to think that is even possible. They quote Paul who misquoted David when he proclaimed "there's no righteous, no not one."  David was referring to there were no righteous atheists, not people in general. We can walk righteously in the Lord just as Abraham, Noah, and many others did. People don't have to sin, people choose to sin.

      So yes, believers who are in sin or caught with unconfessed sin in their lives can become abducted, imprisoned, raped, tortured and even killed by 'aliens.' You can see in Micah that this alien phenomena is not a new one, it has been going on for thousands of years. Aliens are merely wicked fallen angels who prey on mankind to eat and deceive them and lead them into errors, apostasies, blasphemies, and sin. And believers are not immune to them when they aren't walking in holiness or keeping sin out of their lives that isn't confessed. The Lord turns away from them and allows these things to happen to them because they were "ill in their doings" meaning they were in sin.

      The passage in Micah describes perfectly and confirms what many people have already described with what's going on in underground alien bases such as the Dulce Base in New Mexico and others. Satan has full access to operate in our earthly realm, under our earth, and in space. This means other fallen angels and those who fell with him do as well. We simply refer to them all as 'aliens.' Satan simply rules over them all as part of his kingdom.

      Satan and his minions are very active on earth, above earth and in space. They inhabit the heavenlies and subterranean earth and have advanced technology including UFOs to travel around in. Satan is not omnipresent or omniscient and must utilize technology to make up for it. He is not rotting in hell, in torment in hell, or even in hell. He is personally very active in the affairs of mankind and so are his aliens and the humans who follow him and serve him on earth.

       As believers and followers in the Lord we have power over Satan and his minions but we have to use that power in His Name and keep ourselves out of sin so we don't give them easy access to us. We also need to seek Him and do as He leads us to defeat the technology of the military used to come up against us.

        We don't have to be victims we are to be overcomers. In Him we can overcome all the tactics of Satan and mankind that come up against us.