I Am Coming For A Bride...

    I am coming for a bride that is found without guile. In Me they are spotless and blameless because they walk in ME and desire daily to be in ME and get to know Me.

   They don't follow Me with their lips, they follow Me with their hearts.

    Many will be left behind to their own devices. They say they know Me but they don't. They seek truth as it is in man and not as it is in Me.

    Many claim My Name and don't know Me intimately. Have not I said, "My sheep hear my voice and they know Me, and they follow Me"?

   I am coming for MY sheep. And these sheep will transform the world in the dark and evil days ahead when Satan takes complete rule of the earth.

   Many victories will be won for Me in the dark and evil days and My sheep will lead the way in the calling of righteousness and repentence.

   My child do not fear the things that  you see or hear that are coming. Stay in Me. You know there is no fear in Me. So draw close to Me and stay there even at the darkest hours, for I am your Light.

   I am coming soon for My sheep, you will hear My calling and see Me face to face. I love you child.  Thus saith the Lord your God.