Bio-Chemical Attack on America
by Sherry Shriner

      There is a Bio-Chemical Attack coming to America. Something is going to happen in the future that will shock the world, and it will happen here in the USA..

      I don't know where it was.., at the time I believed it was NYC, even though I saw no noticeable landmarks to tell me so.  What I did see that makes me think of NY was the landscaping and water right next to the city itself. I believe I was seeing one of the burroughs of NYC being attacked. Not the entire city itself.

     I saw a street with many people on it. They weren't bundled up in winter gear and it appeared to be a sunny day. So I would assume it was during the spring or summer time. It was a long street. Something typical of a large city street, with huge buildings on both sides of the street and taxi cabs. People scurrying around just doing thier normal things. Then all of a sudden people just started dropping dead. I knew this wasn't limited to just this one street, it was just the one I was being shown. For in my spirit I could feel that thousands of people were killed in an instant. They took one breath, wherever they were in this targetted city area, and they were gone, just gone. People were dropping dead everywhere.

     There was no warning, there was no running to get away, because
people weren't aware there was an even an attack taking place, they
just fell over dead. I can see the taxi driver to this day, slumped over his steering wheel with his door open, like he was going to exit his cab and was just killed in an instant. Two ladies walking out of a store with bags in their hands, just dropping dead in an instant.

     People were walking out of buildings and just falling over. I saw
people getting out of thier cars and just falling over dead.

    It was like this everywhere. People didn't have time to respond, they were dropping dead like flies.

    Thousands dead without a sound.

    Overhead, in the sky, small plane just pounding and dumping chemicals
over the city..the plane was too low for radar detection, no one was
stopping it.

   There is a white barn, that sits off an old road not to far from a highway in Texas. In this barn is part of an aircraft that was disassembled for travel so they could get it there undetected.  

   This is the plane that will unleash the chemical attack on New York City. They will put it back together and then stockpile the poisonous chemicals onto/into it.  

  I saw this in a vision shortly after my vision of the coming chemical attack on New York.