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Fake Rapture
Genesis 10:9

Satan claims it's a fake rapture and offers his own explanation as to why they are gone, because of "cleansing." It's a lie, but the people believe it.

Satan- Snake - Lizard - Administer - Headmaster - Accusation -
Cleansing - Vanish - Explanation - Falsehood - Lie

When the 144,000 are taken, those left, will be revealed as the apostates they are because they are left behind. They are in a panic over the missing people, but as indicated, most will believe the lie that this is a fake rapture and not a religious one because they (most in the churches) are all still here.

Apostate - Revealed - Unmasked - Unfaithful - Traitor
Panic - Alarm - Scare - 144 - Thousand - Vanish

George Bush and Benny Hinn will have a field day mocking and ridiculing the Rapture..
are these the men Satan will speak through?

G. Bush - Traitor - Apostate - Unfaithful
Faithless - Hostile - Benny - Hinn - Explanation - Mockery
Mock - Scoff - Humor


Brethren - Vanish - 144 - Thousand - Shocking