This is what the "Aliens" do, their MO (Method of Operation)

The Alien Handbook on How To Win Pawns and Influence Humans
-by Sherry Shriner

1. Enlist a human that is gullible that wants to feel important. Most humans want to feel important so that's not hard. Praise them and tell them how special and chosen they are and establish contact with them so they can be used to contact mankind with our channeled messages.

2. Use them and exploit them to reach the masses to keep them on edge for our impending arrival on the planet. Keep them in expectation and hide the real truth. Feed them what they want to hear and promise great wealth and peace when we arrive especially to those who help us and can be manipulated. Promise rank and position and prestige...whatever they want to hear so they can be led and do whatever we ask them to do.

3. We have to keep the stupid humans motivated so imminence of our return and arrival is a must. We don't know exactly when the Most High God will allow us to play our charades on earth and destroy it, so keep the humans strumming along with great promises and what we will allegedly do for them. Our leader may be the father of lies but they don't have to know we're just as bad as he is.

4. Play the humans against each other to cover up our lies and mistakes. We don't know when we can invade planet earth and destroy it in the guise of peace and restoration so our timetables will have to change constantly which will make the humans look like liars and easily discreditable by others. Stand them up, use them, then declare they are deceived and have been listening to false ones of us and move on to others to start over again.

5. Completely discredit the former pawns so no one listens to them and the gullible humans move on to our newly appointed ones. Discredit who the real God is and the real purpose and creation for earth. Rewrite religion, rewrite history, and rewrite the future and make them see things our way without suspecting we only have their eventual deaths in mind. Once we get them on our side when we kill them or they die we will have their souls to torment in hell. We're all going to the lake of fire for eternity as part of our judgment so they will just be with us. The more the merrier. The more people we have the less the Creator and Most High has to put in His immensely wealthy and beautiful kingdom. Earth is nothing but a battleground for souls and we're winning!