How Aliens Target, Manipulate, And Control Mankind
By Sherry Shriner


      If you sit back and analyze how things are run, one thing is evident: That power on earth is in the hands of a nefarious few and they are not human. 

     Humans are controlled. Unless you are a believer and follower of the Most High with your eyes opened as to what's going on, then you are most likely being manipulated or controlled by them in one way or another. And this includes a majority of believers because they don't have their eyes opened. And even those who do, realize there are always the armies of the 4th dimension trying to control or manipulate them and so you always have to stay on guard. 

      A controls B, B controls C, C controls D, D controls E, E controls F, F controls G, G controls H, H controls I, I controls J, J controls K, K controls L, L controls M, M controls N, N controls O, O controls P, P controls Q, Q controls R, R controls S, S controls T, T controls U, U controls V, V controls W, W controls X, X controls Y, Y controls Z, Z controls A. Everything runs in a circle.

    Every person born and every group we form whether it be a government, church, religion, military, association, organization, cult or secret society falls into the circle somewhere.

    Some people like to organize the control structure we are under in a pyramid. Of course it leaves out the individual aspect and each block of a pyramid is a organized group of some kind whether it be government, secret society or whatever. But from what I see and the way I look at it, a circle of madness is more like it.

      Perhaps that's the reason Lucifer is also known as "Lord of the Rings." It could go beyond his rulership of Saturn. You don't have to be too analytical to know that rings are circles in shape. And after seeing how every person, organization and group on earth seems to run into circles and into each other one way and out the other then Satan being Lord of the Circles makes even more sense. 

      There is a very organized way that the wicked scoundrels (aliens and demons) of the 4th dimension track and control people on this earth. That is why they are coming out with "earth is an illusion" teachings in the New Age because we never give them a second thought, whereby they are watching us daily. We don't see them, we don't understand all the details of how they operate and  most don't even care. Many aren't even aware they exist and have the mentality that if they do exist then "out of sight out of mind".  And that is why our world is an illusion to the scoundrels and they are trying to tell us the same. While we are busy with our lives we never see the total dominance and control they have over our earth and mostly everyone in it. We don't see their illusion. We realize that spiritual warfare is an ongoing battle. We realize that evil exists and the ongoing war between good and evil, God and Satan, and those born on earth who are caught in the middle. But I don't think we realize how personal of a war it is.

      I learned about this last year but the Lord never had me speak about it or write about it in particular. Now it just feels like it's time to expose more of their wickedness and how they do it. I can't give a lot of details because I don't know them, but what I do know I will try to explain.

     It seems that many people who are born become a target for surveillance. It doesn't matter who they are or where they are born. If they are born from a particular bloodline or born with a particular purpose and calling on their life then it seems that the wicked know it and assign a surveillance team to them. While even many more are born without raising the scoundrels eyebrows. I don't know how they know who is born and where and who is either a great threat or a great ally to them, but they do.

      Many people are chip implanted in their sleep as children so they can be tracked. And most of them have absolutely no memory of it. In this way, no matter where they go they can be located. Their name is put on a list and assigned to a group of aliens who then keep them under surveillance.

      For the aliens, they can sit in their mother ships or even travel around in UFOs and go from person to person on their list to see what they are up to.   From the air, perhaps hundreds or even thousands of miles up into our atmosphere they can target exactly where someone in particular is. Even if that person is sitting on a couch in their home the aliens can zero in on their exact location.

       This is how our government and militaries came up with satellite technology and even chip implantation. The ideas themselves were nothing new, the scoundrels have been doing it for centuries. But they were given to man so man could mimic or even duplicate the technology and operate it on earth. Lucifer knows he is going to be cast down to earth and unable to leave as forewarned in Revelation Chapter 12. So all the technology they have in the air they are duplicating on earth so he can control the people on earth, from earth, when he and his scoundrels are stuck here.

      They haven't completely merged technologies from the 4th to 3rd dimensions. I don't know if they can. Perhaps what will work in the air for aliens, won't work for humans on earth. For instance, some of it has to be duplicated and started all over again for them. That is what it seems like because we know chipping people is at its highest priority with our government. They are preloading chips into things and not telling anyone about it so people inadvertently get chipped and don't realize it, such as vaccines and flu shots, . These are tracking chips and not the chip forewarned of in Revelation Chapter 13. With these tracking chips our government can locate anyone wherever they are with their surveillance satellites operated from NORAD and other secret underground installations. And I doubt this is limited to America, this is probably going on in every country in the world.

      That is why there seems to be so much confusion in what we are hearing from those being abducted. Some people describe being abducted by aliens and chip implanted on a UFO. Others describe being taken to a military base or military hospital of some kind where they saw military people and were chip implanted by them. Both the aliens and our governments are involved with chip implantation of people for their own separate agendas to track and control humans on earth.

     Why do they want to track you? The aliens use it so they can manipulate people. Perhaps they send information to the demonic realm so they know exactly what particular demons to send to a person to harass and cause that person to sin. If a person is a threat to their agendas they will target them with thought manipulation tactics to distract them from keeping them from fulfilling their calling. This is where our government got "voice to skull technology." Or they can influence people through dreamscape manipulation, 'voices', or thought implants to steer them in different directions and rabbit trails such as deceptions, heresies and apostasies and away from being a serious threat to their agendas to where these people are working as unbeknownst allies for them instead of enemies.      

      You can see the same technology the aliens use has made its way into our government and military in what is termed as black technology. A lot of what the aliens can do our government is now capable of doing. This is why there are so many joint human and alien underground bases around the world. This is where the aliens teach humans how to duplicate their technology and develop it for themselves. Why would they give them their technology? So the aliens can use it and operate it on earth for themselves when the time comes. Of course they don't tell the humans that part of it.

       Some people might think this is all fiction. But I can assure you it is reality.

       Let me further attempt to explain reality as I see it and have learned it:

      There's an invisible realm that controls everyone and everything in the physical realm.

      With the lure of advanced technology they have deceived the governments  on earth to work with them and receive this technology for themselves. And as the Lord revealed to me a couple of years ago, people who become involved with the aliens will most assuredly get possessed and overtaken by them.

       There are more humans than aliens and demons combined and these wicked scoundrels want human bodies on earth to operate in this realm with, so they take over human bodies via soul scalping or possess them in any number of ways that I mentioned in my article Satan Is On The Prowl at http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/prowl.htm. such as fetal abductions, soul scalping, cloning, mind fragmentation, and so on.

       The wicked entice people and governments to work with them such as making treaties with them. Former presidents Eisenhower and Roosevelt made treaties with the aliens which started the downward spiral of America and the beginning of alien control and domination here. I have talked about in previous articles how our former presidents made treaties with the aliens in exchange for advanced technology. In doing so, an entire shadow government (spearheaded by those such as Henry Kissinger) was put in place to conceal what was going on and deny the fact that aliens even existed.

       In fact the agency we know now as the National Security Agency was originally formed to debunk the existence of aliens and UFOs while at the same time our government was cooperating with them in exchange for technology!

       What did the aliens get out of the deal? They got the approval from our government  to abduct American citizens for breeding experiments and to be eaten as food. This shadow or black government (the government that really has the power in D.C. and runs everything behind the scenes) was put in place to shield the public persona government from the knowledge of what was going on. With the election-prone revolving doors of our political leaders they would keep the real information from them and and work behind the scenes with the aliens hiding everything in what is termed as black budgets and black projects.

        I don't think I would be to far out on the limb to suggest that this shadow government has now merged with the public persona government. They seem to be one and the same now.

       Over the years the secret societies and Lucifer worshipping groups and organizations had successfully become filled and dominated with alien-hybrid-Illuminati children to where they now control every aspect of our government and military. And many of those who are not part of the Illuminati bloodline families (see http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/serpent-illuminati.htm ), such as those who work in these underground bases and installations in black projects for just a paycheck have been and are susceptible to being overtaken and possessed by the wicked.

       This includes those controlling and operating these black budgets and the programs funded by them. It also includes those in underground cloning facilities, joint human and alien military bases, NORAD and other nefarious installations that seek to control and track every aspect of humans with their satellite and chip implantation technologies (developed in the underground bases), HAARP and weather weapon technology to control the weather and induce catastrophes such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and  famines to further their agendas on earth.  Also those running the black weapons technology such as microwave weapons including ELF (extreme low frequency) weapons that can target individual(s) anywhere on the planet.

       And this goes beyond the government and military. The wicked have moved from one end of our society to the other overtaking and possessing religious leaders, leaders in the media, celebrities, musicians, artists, magicians, publishers, authors, teachers, scientists, doctors, those leading technological advancement and those who control and run our economies. Every area you can think of they dominate through the humans they possess.

Manipulation and Possession

        The 4th dimension has humans everywhere that they possess or can manipulate through chip implants to completely control earth. And they are in the position to target and harass anyone who doesn't comply with their agendas or who fight against them and can resist being manipulated and/or controlled by them.

       America has become dominated and controlled by these 4th dimension scoundrels. And many other countries as well.

       Another area they dominate is religion. There isn't a religion in the world that hasn't escaped their dominance in it such as Wicca, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Mormonism, Catholicism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Talmudic Judaism, Pauline Christianity, literally all and every religion in the world practiced today. 

       They use religions to further their agendas on earth.

       Satan knew that that Most High God planned to redeem mankind from Adam's sin by sending His own Son to earth to die on the cross for the redemption of sins.

       And it was during the earliest times and dawn of civilization that Satan would create false religions among the people to steer them away from worshipping the one true God and His redemption for mankind. 

       The worship of Baal, Molech, and Mithra were all created and carried throughout the ages under various names and through various nations although they all referred to Lucifer himself. Many more were to spring up and the worship of idols and paganism was rampant. 

       Lucifer has always wanted to be worshipped as God. It was the reason of his first rebellion when he coerced 1/3 of the angels to rebel with him against God. As a result he was cast out of heaven, lost his position as a Cherub and became known on earth as Satan, i.e. the adversary. He surrounded himself on earth with religions that all worshipped and praised his name unbeknownst (perhaps) to the deceived who were in them.

      His scoundrels in the 4th dimension created elaborate legends and myths around certain ones of themselves so the people on earth would worship them as Gods. Just as they work through the New Age does today with their Ascended Masters facade.

      The whole point is to keep people away from the truth and to keep them chasing after false idols, prophets, and religions so they aren't worshipping the One True God or accepting His Redemption through His Son, Yahushuah, Jesus Christ. Throughout the ages billions of people have been deceived and have fallen for Lucifer's traps and the lies he created.

      Today the wicked possess religious leaders because many of them have sworn oaths of loyalty to Lucifer. In the Southern Baptist denomination alone, 42,000 pastors and clergy are allegedly members of Freemasonry. In the first level of Freemasonry they swear allegiance to the "God of light." Lucifer, the former light bearer is this God of light they worship. Many of them are high ranking Masons, Oral Roberts, Billy Graham, Kenneth Copeland, many, many are wolves in sheep's clothing.

      The 4th Dimension has clobbered our earth and most of the people in it. This dimension, also known as the spiritual realm, is not God's but Satan's realm.

      Eventually the 4th dimension and 3rd dimension (our earth) will completely merge and those on the 4th will inhabit and control earth physically without the use of humans or having to work through human bodies to do so.

     When Satan comes as the Antichrist his scoundrels will come with him. When he walks on and reigns over the earth as a global world ruler his scoundrels will serve as his armies to enforce the edicts he hands down for those on the earth to obey.

      In Noah's day giants walked the earth. And in the last days under Satan's reign, giants will walk the earth once again.

     No longer will the scoundrels have to possess humans to operate on earth, instead they will openly eat them. From demons to greys, to 8 foot Annunaki, it's literally going to look like hell on earth.

       Stay out of UFOs. Don't run to see them, run away from them. UFOs are owned and operated by aliens and our militaries. Our militaries have had the technology for the past 60 years to build UFOs. And they do. And they use them for their own purposes. It's not "do UFOs exist" but more of "who's flying them" at any given time.

       During what the Bible describes as the Great Tribulation period our Earth will be full of hell for 42 months. And then Son of the Most High will ascend to earth at the Battle of Armageddon and destroy them all with just the words He speaks.

     Energy Vampires

        Besides manipulating the humans on earth through chip implants and possession aliens feed off of human energy also called loosh. To duplicate this on earth, various pagan practices include learning how to 'suck the energy out of people' have been developed.

        I can remember last year when the Lord revealed to me how Satan fed off the fear and suffering of others for more power. I didn't realize at the time that the aliens in his morbid kingdom did the same thing until I started learning about how they build nets on earth for loosh through humans. I explain this in more detail in my article The Net Masters at http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/control.htm

        To obtain loosh emotions must be stimulated within people that can be harvested by them such as fear, terror, horror, suffering, abuse, and even death. On the flip side they can also feed off the deceptions they instigate. Such as worship in churches led by Lucifer's beast prophets and throughout false religions such as Islam, Mormonism, Catholicism, and others. As I explained before, their deceptions in religion run through each and every one of the religions on earth today. Pastors such as Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland have been caught on tape masking in tongues where they are calling on Satan to arrive at their service. They then transfer and channel the worship and praise being given to the Most High God from churchgoers to Lucifer. In this way, Lucifer is being worshipped in many churches today and receiving their praises unbeknownst to those in attendance.

        The more loosh, the more power. In this way aliens and especially Lucifer can manifest more power on the earth.

       The aliens disguise themselves as peacemakers and guardians of the earth when all the while they instigate wars, famines, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and general mayhem to cause fear, terror, suffering, and death so they can feed off the energy those things create. Not to mention they stock their UFO refrigerators with human bodies to literal eat them. They get both the emotional energy and the flesh of the human to feed off (see http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/to-serve-man.htm).

       Right now these things take place behind the scenes. Where the average person has no idea of what is going on and doesn't see it happening with their own eyes. But the day will come when the veil is lifted between our dimensions and we will see them and what they do.

Fear Not! We Are Children Of The King!

      I give you this information not to put you in fear, but to open your eyes. Everything is not as it seems and eventually it will be facing us on earth for direct battle.  Our victory is in the Lord. He will squash Lucifer's second rebellion and end his global reign on earth. Lucifer's facade of playing God on earth will be over and all those who followed him will be destroyed.

     A believer and follower in the Lord's never dies. Our bodies die, but our soul goes to be with the Lord in heaven. What they consider death on earth is for a follower of the Lord's a promotion.

     We get promoted to heaven!

     Fear not. Fear nothing but God Himself. We have nothing to fear with Satan or his scoundrels.

     Perfect love casts out fear.

      If you feel you have been a target all of your life then you probably have been.

      Even moreso  now, many people are feeling and suffering from attacks from the 4th dimension realm and even our own military's high tech weapons as they sleep at night. Attacks of what is described as sleep paralysis are on the rise, also sudden joltings, or people seeing aliens or demons in their bedrooms.

       As the veil begins to lift between the 3rd and 4th dimensions those on earth will be able to see aliens and demons with their physical eyes. And people are starting to see them more frequently than ever before.

      We have power in the name of Jesus/Yahushuah over Satan and all his armies of the demonic and alien realm.  If you are being bothered by them, rebuke them in the Name of Yahushuah and command them to leave you in His name. If they persist, rebuke them in the Name of Yahushuah and command them to go to the abyss in the Name of Yahushuah. Ask the Lord to send His angels and bind them and cast them into the abyss in Yahushuah's name.

      As believers and followers of the Most High God we don't have to take Satan's crap, plain and simple. Take action against him and the 4th dimension spiritual realm and they will learn to fear you because of HIM and they will learn to leave you alone. Every time you have an encounter with them take action against them in His Name.

      Most believers get beat up, stay beat up, and suffer needlessly because they won't take action in the Name of Yahushuah.

      Learn to take action and you will become a Warrior that can defeat that entire realm and cast many of their Generals and soldiers to the abyss to be imprisoned!    

      Don't fear them!

      Fight against them in His Name!

      If you are sitting on the fence get off it. Make a stand today whom you will serve. Remember the Lord says He will spit the lukewarm out of His mouth! If you have never acknowledge Him as your Saviour and you don't live in His ways then see http://www.sherryshriner.com/salvation.htm 

       Our lives on earth are going to be changing. Things are not returning to 'normal' but to more death, destruction, and the 4th dimension becoming more and more dominant as they prepare to take over earth with Lucifer ruling over it.

       In all things seek the Lord, Yehovah the Most High God and let Him teach you the truth in all things and lead you.