Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy
and the Galactic Federation


    Salamat Jarin! We come, dear Hearts, yet again with more to tell you! Mother Earth's rumblings that we told you about in previous messages continue. Last month's seabed earthquake and its resulting tsunami off Sumatra in Indonesia are only a few of those that have happened from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

   Mother Earth's tectonic plates are slowly achieving positions where the required locking process can begin. Once started, this procedure will unleash a degree of earthquakes and volcanic activity unprecedented in your long recorded history.

   In addition, your atmosphere is busily reacting from the vast new energies sent to her by the Sun and the tremendous amount of man-made pollution now present in her lower atmosphere. Consequently, Mother Earth is reeling from all the great pressures being put upon her by her need to transform and by the dangerous toxins found not only in her atmosphere, but also in her water and ground.

  Thus, you have just entered a dangerous age.
However, these rising dangers are sure portends that the time for the realizing of your new world is indeed at hand.

 Many more tragic disasters lie ahead if the
great changes preordained by the divine plan are not swiftly completed. Heaven has informed those now in power that their time of control is at an end. This is the moment for Earth and her people to rise up in protest and help our Earth allies to know how seriously they desire the mandated changes.

   In turn, a vast abundance of financial resources is ready to descend and manifest before you. These monies are the first part of a grand design decreed by Heaven and ordered by your Ascended Masters.

   We, in the Galactic Federation of Light, agree with these policies and demand that the sacred timetable put forth by Heaven be righteously obeyed. We are proud of the ongoing great and diligent effort put forth by our Earth allies. A most serious and highly calculated plan is putting put into operation even as we speak.

   However, it is important that around this time that a great protest against those who support your last dark cabal be duly organized. The purpose is to show these arrogant mountebanks you support our Earth allies and wish them quickly deposed.

 We are proud of all of you who continue
actively to protest the outright illicitness of the present regime currently in power in North America.

   Your actions are empowering those planning their demise and deeply desire to do so courageously and swiftly. Various legal documents have been issued that foretell of this illegal regime's fall. The only remaining actions are the issuing of long promised funds and the necessary next step. This step terminates a quite phony "war against terrorism" and then sends the world toward establishing a condition of global peace. It also permits humanity to discover what they are truly capable of.

  This immense energy will open up the way for you to aid your planet and at last, for the final acts of first contact to be carried out. This last part is, of course, one quite dear to us. For literally millennia, we watched the
strange dark drama played out by the Anunnaki and their Earth minions. Now, dear Hearts, it is time to conceive of a new play. It is a joyous comedy written by each one of you and directed lovingly by Heaven.

   Our part is to graciously play the important
supporting roles.

  Around your world, there is a vast fleet that
has long kept itself largely hidden. Only occasionally have we been observed in your skies. Mostly, we have imitated the "normal" phenomena of your heavens.

  That is, bright stars, streaking balls of light that resemble comets or falling meteorites and ships that look like your moon in one of its many phases. We do this to remain largely unnoticed. However, the seriousness of the present conditions on your planet
forced us to bend this policy in a different

   Mother Earth is not fragile. She is alive and kicking. Her power is endlessly being demonstrated to you. This great power is equaled by the potential stored in each of you. The time has come to increase your prayers of grace to Mother Earth. Let her know that you care about her and desire that a new, gentler working plan between Mother Earth and yourselves now
needs to be formulated. Collectively creating this grand plan is vital for what is about to happen. Remember, you are her precious invited guests!

 As we are your and Heaven's invited guests,
we have come to your shores. This is time is one for more direct involvement. Accordingly, we spent the past five years limiting the awful plans of your secret government. There was, for example, the contrails program done under the cover of experimental "weather control", but really meant to sicken the public, mess with your newly installed genetics and prepare you for a more advanced "mind control" programs. We have largely terminated this program and
replaced it with a new system of contrails designed first to put a "safety net" around Mother Earth and then to ready her atmosphere for a unique technology capable of ridding her of a vast cornucopia of pollutants. We started this well over a half-decade

   This program is achieving its lofty goals.
Recently, we expanded upon it. During the day, many of you are witnessing our ships in action high in your atmosphere. This is only a beginning.

 Our plans were to catalogue and then destroy
most near-Earth man-made space junk. This program is long known to your many governmental outer space agencies. However, they either ignore our efforts or else deny their existence. To date, we have cleared out about one-third of the dangerous debris found in near-Earth orbit. The rest will be vaporized shortly after first contact. These objects have seriously
harmed Mother Earth. Her upper subtle energy fields have been greatly damaged by their continued presence.

   However, our science teams have repaired this damage and put protective fields around all objects launched by these same "space agencies". Their primitive concepts lack a proper understanding of how a living planet operates. We intend to correct this once first
contact is completed.

  Another program is limiting the dangers
formed by a worldwide psychic network instituted
decades ago by the Earth minions of the Anunnaki.

  This network exacerbates the violence, hatred and general discord inherent in the societies founded by and overseen by these same Earth minions. The energy generated by these negative events feeds this psychic network and maintains a dark grid around your reality.

  Our task is to play havoc with this network. Our designated ships constantly sent out psychic disruptor fields. These fields somewhat limit this negative field's effectiveness. Thus, crime and other types of discord are down significantly in many parts of your
world. By doing this, we are stalling the plan of your last dark cabal to instate various parts of a truly nasty mind control system given them by their former dark off world "friends".

 These are just some of the things that we
are doing. We are also making it more difficult for this last dark cabal to find the resources to stall the plans of our Earth allies. We are monitoring them and doing what is advised by your Ascended Masters to help defeat this last dark cabal. Shortly, the efforts of our Earth allies and yourselves will overthrow this
last batch of arrogant scalawags. Hence, we ask you to increase your efforts. The time for your long awaited success is fast approaching! Heaven assures us that the strange power hungry machinations of this last dark cabal are nearing a most glorious End time! This coming time needs you to focus truly upon it and prepare for a wondrous series of events! This coming
time will include our grand meeting with you.
Remember, Together, We are Victorious!

  Today, we have discussed some of the events
of the day. In this, we have told you more about what we are doing to aid the cause of you and our Earth allies. We ask again that you remain committed to this cause and to focus now on the final means to see this victory toward its fated conclusion. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours!

 Selamat Gajun!
Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)