Vol. 38  No. 29 - Elizabeth Clare Prophet - July 2, 1995

On the Soul

 Before I begin I would like to read to you from "Climb the Highest Mountain" a teaching the Ascended Master El Morya dictated to Mark L. Prophet in 1973. It is taken from chapter 1, the section entitled “The Soul: A Living Potential.”
God is a Spirit and the soul is the living potential of God.  The soul's demand for free will and its separation from God resulted in the descent of this potential into the lowly estate of the flesh.
 Sown in dishonor, the soul is destined to be raised in honor to the fullness of that God-estate which is the one Spirit of all Life.  The soul can be lost; Spirit can never die.
  Never the Spirit was born;
     the Spirit shall cease to be never;
  Never was time it was not;
    End and Beginning are dreams!
  Birthless and deathless and changeless
    remaineth the Spirit for ever;
  Death hath not touched it at all,
    dead though the house of it seems!EN1
 The soul, then, remains a fallen potential that must be imbued with the Reality of Spirit, purified through prayer and supplication, and returned to the glory from which it descended and to the unity of the Whole.
 This rejoining of soul to Spirit is the alchemical marriage which determines the destiny of the self and makes it one with immortal Truth.
 When this ritual is fulfilled, the highest Self is enthroned as the Lord of Life and the potential of God, realized in man, is found to be the All-in-all.EN2
 Today I want to talk to you about soul evolution and the fusion of mind and spirit.  After all, that's the theme of this conference and, among other things, that's what we came to hear about, isn't it?
 How does one define the soul?  Have you ever thought about defining your own soul, drawing a profile and saying, “This outline represents my soul”?
 We have all kinds of concepts about the soul.  We know that we have an affinity with some souls and are repelled by others. The moment we meet someone, we take a reading of the person's soul. We shake hands and get into a conversation, and all the while at the subconscious level we are assessing that soul.
 Usually our first impressions are correct.  Sometimes we have an immediate negative reaction. But more often than not we allow ourselves to switch off the negative reading and switch on the positive reading because we don't really want to believe that a soul can be evil or have evil traits.  So we say, “Oh, well, he’s not such a bad guy. He means well. He’s OK.”
 And in our naïveté we are not ready to believe that the “bad guys” master the technique of putting a patine, a sugar coating, over what is really an evil soul, causing her to appear sweet as honey. Under such circumstances it takes an astute and objective bystander–one who has no vested interest in the outcome–to read what is actually under the patine.
What Is the Soul?
 The soul is a popular topic today.  People talk about and write about the soul.  They know that the soul is important, but they don't know why. Our souls have been evolving as long as we have been sojourning in the material universe. Yet few people really know what the soul is.  Many give it no thought at all.  You could say that they are “soul illiterate.” If you took a random poll and asked people if they knew how to care for their souls, most people would say they didn't have the slightest idea.
 What, then, is the soul, how does one care for the soul, and what is soul evolution all about?  We must ask ourselves this question because our knowledge of the condition of our souls is the key to our success on the spiritual path.
 For starts, we can think of the soul as a glisteningly transparent sphere that is constantly evolving–or devolving.  The soul is the mortal part of ourselves that can become immortal–that must become immortal if she is to survive.  To achieve immortality, the soul must be fused, or bonded, to her Higher Self, who is her Holy Christ Self.  Yes, until this bonding takes place, the soul is impermanent and therefore can be lost.
Excerpt taken from POW Vol.38 No.29 
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