The Prophesied Time Has Come
by Sherry Shriner

    My Child, Your heart is pure before Me. I love you child. No one seeks Me like you do. You sing Me love songs, you brighten My Spirit even moreso, yea, you fill heaven with your beautiful songs to Me. I love you child.

    I will show great and mighty things to you. Write them down. Reveal them and expose them as I tell you to My faithful child. So much is stored up for you if you could only see.

     I know your struggles child. For I watch over you Myself with My own eyes. You are My chosen one. You will do great things for Me child. I love you.

    Fear not man, go not the way of man. You have learned to give up all to follow Me. You have the learned the truth of the truth I have showed you over the years. You have grasped what I've taught you and you have led others to seek and follow Me in the same way.

     You are the light to those in darkness. You will lead My people out of the spiritual bondage they are in and into Me. I have set you forth for this task, to lead them out of spiritual bondage. Proclaim My Name to the Nations, tell them I have sent you, those with ears will hear My child. For those who hear are My children, My Bride. Lead My Bride to Me, prepare them for My coming. You have been anointed and set forth to do this work for Me. Lead them child without fear or flaw or lack of confidence because you are My chosen one to lead them. I love you child.

   Continue in Me and I will lead you to even greater heights and glory that is unimaginable to man. Know this daughter, from the day you were born you were appointed to do My work. From the day you were conceived I knew you and had a plan for you child and you are following Me faithfully and walking into those plans I have set before you.

     You are a blockhouse. A fortified fortress. I have surrounded you Myself with My Protection and Glory until the appointed time.

     Yea, child, walk in Me. I love walking with you daily as you seek Me. You've made Me laugh like no other, you've made Me cry but those times are past. I grieved over you when you walked away in anger and in torment, but I knew when you came back to Me that you would be with Me forever. You made your choices and I've made mine daughter.

      Go in peace, and know My hand is on and over you. You have sought My throne, you have received My words, now go and tell them the time is near for the earth to be shaken up. Tell them the time prophesied has now come. And tell them not to fear but to find safety and comfort within Me. I love you child.

     Tell them!