It Is Time
Word given to me on 5-25-04

    Those not sent by Me will come against you round about. They will surround you on every side. Know this child, that I am with you. I will use you as My messenger to all who seek the truth and they will mock you and scorn you as they did Me.
    The time is coming when the true servants of Mine will be here no more, taken up to be in My glory. Yes child, the time is coming.
    Arm yourself with steadfastness and truth. Be bold in Me and My ways, don't look to the left or to the right, but in Me.
   You shake the gates of hell and knock the walls down of great societies and kingdoms. Expose their plans as I reveal them to you, reveal everything I give to you My child and let Me handle your enemies. For they are great, but I AM Greater.
    Do not sorrow child for those who refuse My instruction. Leave them in My hands and continue to do what I lead you to do. I have given you a sword and great anointing, look to Me and I will lead.

     The sins of the world will be destroyed in one day, you will be with Me for eternity. Regain your strength in Me and continue on, for the time is short.

     I Love You My child, and daughter of David, stand against the Giants and do not waiver. It is time.