The Venus Alien Trap
By Sherry Shriner

     Venus is probably one of the last planets that will influence earth with its charades. Not necessarily the planet itself but its inhabitants.

     This is where I believe Sananda's stage for the facade of Near Death Experiences where he plays Jesus is located. After all, Michaelangelo's depiction of him in the portrait he painted of him has many people thinking the real Jesus just might look like that (see http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/sananda.htm)

      The rolling landscapes of Venus are a perfect setting for staging near death experience delusions, or pulling peoples spirits out of their bodies and giving them a false vision. Many of those who have had near death experiences have said how they saw Jesus, were given a past life review and sent back to earth. The whole facade of past life reviews is from already documented alien technology. It's part of their library of capabilities and illusions. They then send the victimized back to earth to proclaim a New Age doctrine or one of their other deceptions. New Agers claim to have seen Jesus in their prayer circles and yet they have, Sananda, not the Jesus of the Bible. Also the prophecies given from the Charismatics and Pentecostals feature Sananda and illusions from the Serpents of Wisdom. Yahushuah doesn't condone speaking in tongues, therefore the God of that entire movement is not Him, but Satan. It is false religious demons and the Ascended Master serpents that work with Satan to keep that entire charade going and the people who follow them in deception and guile.

     Venus is the habitation of fallen angels. These feature the humanoid, tall, giant ones we refer to as the Annunaki. Some allege that the Pleidian humanoids also inhabit Venus alongside the Venusians. These are the ones Satan is going to use to fill the cast of his heavenly host when he descends to earth.

     Aliens  can look angelic when they take on human form (if not already humanoid) and turn on the lights around them to produce an aura that mimics angelic beings. But it is fake, it's not real, but it will be good enough to fool most of those on earth at that time. "It has to be real, look how magnificent it is!!" they will proclaim. Can you hear it now? I can.

     Look! He has holes in his hands it has to be the Jesus of Nazareth who died on the cross!" Yes, he will fool many as he comes complete with nail holes in his hands..(see http://www.sherrytalkradio.com/maitreya/index.htm).

     Or, if they decide to play the Arab card, "Look it is Mohammad!" Ok I'm seriously gagging here, but that's what they will believe. Underneath their human forms they are tall Greys who obtained manufactured human bodies to look human. Everything isn't always as it seems and this case it certainly won't be.

      Perhaps they will try and send someone neutral and proclaim he's everyone's promised messiah to come. I know they had a plan at one time to use holographics so that the Christians see this being as Jesus, the Arabs would see it as Mohammad, the Buddhists would see Buddha, and so on, deceiving all the religions of the earth with the same being, everyone seeing it as their promised messiah to return.

       Satan knew Yahushuah would return again so he created false religions to mimic Christianity to try and discredit it. He is even going to falsify his coming to earth to rule as a world dictator as the prophesied Second Coming of Yahushuah. And whatever way he plays it, it's going to deceive billions of people.

       They have had a century to perfect holographics. To make something appear that isn't really there. Look how much success they have had exploiting the virgin Mary all over the world. In a grotto, in a tree, on the side of a barn...it gets ridiculous. And millions of people will flock to see it as they pull the Mary holographic out and instigate it from their UFOs.

        The Germans flew the first man-made UFOs during World War II, now almost every nation has them. You can't tell them apart from alien operated UFOs unless one crashes and you see a part made by General Electric or someone else's trademark on it.

        Human operated UFOs look identical to alien operated UFOs. Unless it's one of the black ones the NSA is flying around. At this stage in the game most human governments and militaries are in cahoots with the aliens to mimic and build their own technology here to deceive humans with. They are in it together and that is why there are so many joint underground human and alien bases. These UFOs come more from our subterranean earth than they do space.

     Other than Venus being notorious for it's humanoid fallen watchers the planet Mars has been used as a captivity center and America has many bases there. Despite the lies from NASA, Mars is habitable and according to the Bible Codes, America is very popular there with their many bases.  Many of the ancient tall-neck Egyptians were hybrids from Martians. Martians are not small green men. At one time it was an angelic civilization before it was destroyed by The Most High God for participating in Lucifer's rebellion against God. Maitreya is associated with Mars in some way. He probably lives there.

      Saturn is the same as Saturnalia and Satan. Does "Lord of the Rings" sound familiar? Former Satanist Bill Schnoebolen describes being taken to a temple located on a moon of Saturn's where he experienced the "light of Lucifer" or "illumination" initiation (see http://www.exvampire.com). Saturn is symbolically represented as the Taurus Bull. This is same symbol dominate in many Lucifer-worshipping religions such as Baal, Moloch, and Mithraism. Moloch is not an owl, it's a bull. The owl of Moloch worshipped by many of our Satan worshipping government leaders at the Bohemian Grove outside of San Francisco, California every year is just one of its aspects tied in with Moloch the bull.

        Jupiter is said to be 90% gaseous. If ignited it would be close to the sun itself exploding. And that is what they plan to do. Ignite it. They will try to mimic the Star of Bethlehem that heralded the birth of Jesus/Yahushuah on earth. In this instance they will be heralding the arrival of Satan, or what we call the Antichrist to earth. It could turn out to be a complete fiasco as they inadvertently set our entire atmosphere on fire trying to pull that one off.

      Those on the planets in our solar system have always had their hooks on our earth in some way. The planets were the ancient homes of angelic civilizations (see  http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/in-the-beginning.htm)  Lucifer still reigns over them although now they are a fallen angelic realm and have lost the status they used to possess under the Most High God..

       Most of them work with him to deceive mankind, feed off mankind, and enslave mankind for their coming global rule when Lucifer subtly takes over as earth's global dictator.

        Venus is the second planet from the sun and the 6th largest planet. The twin sister of earth, it is similar to earth in size, density, and composition.

       "The surface of Venus is rather smooth in many places, though not nearly as smooth as originally expected . However, we find evidence for many of the same geological features found on Earth: canyons, volcanoes, lava flows, rift valleys, mountains, craters, and plains. There is substantial evidence for local tectonic activity but the surface appears to be a single crustal plate, with little evidence for large-scale horizontal motion of crustal plates as found on the Earth. Why the two planets differ in this aspect of their geology even though we believe them to have similar interiors is not well understood." (see http://csep10.phys.utk.edu/astr161/lect/venus/surface.html)

       Venus consists of 2 large continents with mountains higher in elevation than our own but allegedly has little water with a much slower rotation period than earth's. Because of it's slow rotation one day on earth is what would amount to 243 days on Venus.

        Ancient folklore and even modern day abductees have talked about meeting Venusians and describing them as human looking and very tall. The typical Annunaki description, very tall, blonde hair, blue eyes. Angelic looking. And wait till they turn on the lights to produce that angelic glow!! It's going to be a show folks.

       Venus was named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty. It can be seen day or night as one of the three most luminous bodies close to earth other than the sun and moon. It is sometimes referred to as the morning star or the evening star. Venus was referred to as the bearer of light in Greek and Lucifer in Latin. a term later used of the fallen angel cast out of heaven, (see Isaiah 14:12).

        Lucifer was referred to as the Son of the Morning (Isaiah 14). Was Lucifer originally a Venusian? The pentagram has long been associated with the planet Venus and the worship of the goddess Venus,  In occult circles Venus is referred to as the "Queen of Heaven."

        If you think about it, Saturn and Venus are the 2 most worshipped planets today representing Satan and Sex. And that's basically what Satanism is about, sex. The worship of the phallic symbol is seen all over the world, especially in Washington D.C. where they boldly display the largest symbol of a penis in the world known as the Washington Monument. And if you  notice the layout of the Vatican the outer court represents a circle with a needle point in the center to symbolize a sexual union or act.

        And you can't believe a thing you read from NASA in regards to our planets. They depict through red filters a lifeless, red planet with Mars, and with Venus they declare the surface is too hot to sustain life, which is untrue, the thick cloud cover of Venus keeps the sun from reaching much of it's surface. In fact our military has bases and installations on both planets in cahoots with the aliens who live on them.

           The Kumeras teachings about love came from Venus. Sanat Kumera is a veiled reference to Satan. They teach the same through channellers in the New Age as they did in ancient Lemuria of the Pacific West Coast where they established schools of enlightenment during earth's ancient past.


    Part of the Kumaras’ “academic” teaching on love was that before humans could evolve into gods and goddesses they first needed to unite or “marry” the opposing male and female principles naturally existing within themselves. By doing so they could become androgynous, thereby precluding the need for another person or any material object. Only then could they extricate themselves from the bonds of attachment and freely express unconditional love, the goal of human existence. The Kumaras taught that yoga and alchemy are proficient tools for uniting the internal polarity and awakening the Kundalini. But the Kumaras were also emphatic that the best and safest path for uniting all polar opposites is the expression of love. By loving oneself and loving others all internal and external oppositions fall away and the serpent fire awakens on its own.



       In the past Venusians were known as the Serpents of Wisdom, today they are referred to as Ascended Masters.

       If you Google the terms Sananda Venus there are thousands of websites that correlate Sananda with Venus and the New Age Ascended Masters.

Various names and pictures for the one who plays Sananda:

Sananda-Kumera Sananda-Immanuel Sananda-Jesus

       This is not the Jesus/Yahushuah of the Bible. This is Ascended Master, Serpent of Wisdom, Sananda who will deceive the world into thinking he is the Messiah or Great World Teacher.

       He calls his coming to earth "The Second Coming" and mimics Biblical prophecy.

       According to his channelers, those who channel his messages, he lives on board the UFO Capricorn that hovers over the midwest-western areas of the United States. He claims he is working behind the scenes in Utah with the Mormons and in Jerusalem to help them prepare for his arrival (gotta get the holographics working right). He claims Utah is the New Zion of the USA. And there's nothing in Utah more dominant than the Satanist Mormon church which worships Lucifer and has a throne room overlaid in gold in the basement of their temple for the Demon Moroni who is the real head of the Satan worshipping Mormon false religion in Utah. Apparently he and Sananda are good friends.

        The New Agers claim over 10 million UFOs hover within our solar system and that Sananda brought 1 million UFOs with him from the Pleides to help him pull off his planned charade on earth. (see http://www.fourwinds10.com/news/14-spiritual/J-Candace-Frieze/2005/14J-02-12-05-candice-frieze-communications-with-sananda.html  )

       In regards to the Second Coming they claim, "It will be followed by First Contact, and then by the return of the Masters, with Jesus first in line. He will arrive in a Star Ship to fulfill the prophesies, that he "come from the clouds."

       In this case, clouds will be UFOs. The Old Testament prophet Zachariah in describing the advent of the real and true Messiah, Yahushuah says He will come in the clouds with ten thousands of His saints. Satan can't quite mimic that one but he is close enough. He is going to fool billions of people. And isn't it convenient that most churches today don't teach Bible prophecy at all in them so most of the people sitting in them won't know what to think, or if what they are seeing is even aligning with the Biblical prophets.

      The coming of Satan, what we refer to as the Antichrist comes first on earth before the advent of Yahushuah/Jesus at the Battle of Armageddon. Yahushuah isn't coming to save the world or introduce a new economic program or kingdom on earth, He's coming to destroy it. Even so, Satan's beast prophets heading most of the large churches today will champion this false messiah, this Sananda as the real Jesus, as the real messiah of the world. They will be busy promoting him while the sheep are led to the slaughter who accept him as God.

      This Sananda is just one of many that Satan has lined up to play the role of Antichrist, Jesus on earth. Time will tell if he uses this one or someone else. What we do know is the event itself will happen, a being/man will descend to earth and the earth will proclaim him as God.

                                  If they use Maitreya as God, it will fool a billion Arabs but Christianity won't be deceived by it which will lead to many of their deaths. If Islam becomes dominant in the world, watch for this one to play out over Christianity's Sananda-Jesus. With the increase of Arab immigration into every country in the world, it could be a dominant card they decide to use. Even TBN is going pro-Islam according to Hal Lindsey who has had his pro-Israel material censored by TBN. For this reason he has left their network. (Lindsey doesn't understand that is the Edomite fake Jews that control Israel's government).

      Satan doesn't know exactly how he's going to come to earth. He has several plans. And we don't know which one he will use when he finally does come until we see it for ourselves. Grab the popcorn it's going to be quite the show from the sky. And the New Agers claim he will descend to earth on a Sabbath. They say it will happen on a Saturday morning at 10a.m. But keep in mind these alien Ascended Masters change their plans more than the government does when it comes to perpetrating deceit and deception.

      I am just trying to give you an idea of what their current plans are so you can see for yourselves what they are planning behind the scenes to perpetrate onto mankind.

        An excerpt from my blogger at http://sherryshriner.blogspot.com


There are several different factions fighting it out for control of world domination..

The groups and leaders as I see it:

Islam - Maitreya

Talmud - NWO - Bush

Christianity - Sananda & Germaine

New Age - Hatonn, "Christ Michael"

   I have been feeling this huge, huge beast in my spirit lately, it's very violent, and it's rising to the point where it's disarming nations and countries and then sending it's rapists in to breed terror and fear and violence. This is Islam.

   I've never known Maitreya to be associated with Islam, but if you look at his past appearances he's appeared in Arabic countries. Not only that, he's just as vicious as they are and he's Arab. He's not "Mohammad" although maybe he'll claim to be later, but he's not a Jew either and yet he will dominant the world scene.

   Islam is a beast. A total beast. I wish I could describe the fear, terror, and violence this is and has brought to the world, for some reason the Lord is grabbing my attention to it more than ever now. I have already put up a website on Islam several months ago at http://www.islamlies.com

   Everywhere they go violence errupts. They are the pawns of Satan. Rape breeds fear and that is what Satan thrives off of, the energy from fear. The more energy, the more powerful he becomes, and can become..and that's why the world in the last days is such a place of terror, fear, wickedness and violence. He needs it for power.

Countries are growing powerless over their inability to stand against Islam and the violence it brings because the leaders are part of it. They're all into the brotherhood of evil so they may not like each other but if it's evil they'll protect it.

I was thinking today perhaps this is one of the reasons Yah is moving His people into safe havens for now. Islam's violence and gangs of rapists are coming to America

      Deception and illusion are the biggest parts of Lucifer's plans to rule the world and be worshipped as God. And when that won't work, he'll use force.