Vol. 38  No. 29 - Elizabeth Clare Prophet - July 2, 1995


On the Soul


 Before I begin I would like to read to you from "Climb the Highest Mountain" a teaching the Ascended Master El Morya dictated to Mark L. Prophet in 1973. It is taken from chapter 1, the section entitled “The Soul: A Living Potential.”


God is a Spirit and the soul is the living potential of God.  The soul's demand for free will and its separation from God resulted in the descent of this potential into the lowly estate of the flesh.
 Sown in dishonor, the soul is destined to be raised in honor to the fullness of that God-estate which is the one Spirit of all Life.  The soul can be lost; Spirit can never die.
  Never the Spirit was born;
     the Spirit shall cease to be never;
  Never was time it was not;
    End and Beginning are dreams!
  Birthless and deathless and changeless
    remaineth the Spirit for ever;
  Death hath not touched it at all,
    dead though the house of it seems!EN1
 The soul, then, remains a fallen potential that must be imbued with the Reality of Spirit, purified through prayer and supplication, and returned to the glory from which it descended and to the unity of the Whole.
 This rejoining of soul to Spirit is the alchemical marriage which determines the destiny of the self and makes it one with immortal Truth.
 When this ritual is fulfilled, the highest Self is enthroned as the Lord of Life and the potential of God, realized in man, is found to be the All-in-all.EN2


 Today I want to talk to you about soul evolution and the fusion of mind and spirit.  After all, that's the theme of this conference and, among other things, that's what we came to hear about, isn't it?
 How does one define the soul?  Have you ever thought about defining your own soul, drawing a profile and saying, “This outline represents my soul”?
 We have all kinds of concepts about the soul.  We know that we have an affinity with some souls and are repelled by others. The moment we meet someone, we take a reading of the person's soul. We shake hands and get into a conversation, and all the while at the subconscious level we are assessing that soul.
 Usually our first impressions are correct.  Sometimes we have an immediate negative reaction. But more often than not we allow ourselves to switch off the negative reading and switch on the positive reading because we don't really want to believe that a soul can be evil or have evil traits.  So we say, “Oh, well, he’s not such a bad guy. He means well. He’s OK.”
 And in our naïveté we are not ready to believe that the “bad guys” master the technique of putting a patine, a sugar coating, over what is really an evil soul, causing her to appear sweet as honey. Under such circumstances it takes an astute and objective bystander–one who has no vested interest in the outcome–to read what is actually under the patine.


What Is the Soul?
 The soul is a popular topic today.  People talk about and write about the soul.  They know that the soul is important, but they don't know why. Our souls have been evolving as long as we have been sojourning in the material universe. Yet few people really know what the soul is.  Many give it no thought at all.  You could say that they are “soul illiterate.” If you took a random poll and asked people if they knew how to care for their souls, most people would say they didn't have the slightest idea.
 What, then, is the soul, how does one care for the soul, and what is soul evolution all about?  We must ask ourselves this question because our knowledge of the condition of our souls is the key to our success on the spiritual path.
 For starts, we can think of the soul as a glisteningly transparent sphere that is constantly evolving–or devolving.  The soul is the mortal part of ourselves that can become immortal–that must become immortal if she is to survive.  To achieve immortality, the soul must be fused, or bonded, to her Higher Self, who is her Holy Christ Self.  Yes, until this bonding takes place, the soul is impermanent and therefore can be lost.

Excerpt taken from POW Vol.38 No.29 
Copyright by The Summit Lighthouse, Inc.





/20th January 2005/



We greet you in the Light and Love of our Most Radiant One--- as we have stated in our 2004 advisory update, Earth is now entering into the cycle of intensified Earth changes, climatic anomalies and unprecedented

events and upheaval.


Please re-read /"ADVISORY ALERT FROM CMDRS. ASHTAR AND ATHENA"/ Posted upon our site menu. Sept. 21, 2004 (/ We reaffirm our previous advisory which has by now been proven to be very accurate. We will now add a few updates.


Earthquakes of a higher magnitude will now begin to occur world wide;

even in places that have never seen quakes before. In the USA the west,

and Pacific Northwest, and Caribbean and East Coast areas will begin to

experience activity. The New Madrid fault line is another heads up area

for activity fairly soon. Switzerland, Italy, China and Japan ---heads

up! It will seem at times as if the entire Earth is a bowl of Jell-O.


As we've stated before, tsunami and storm surges, massive flooding, high

winds and power outages foreseen. We have been barely able to contain

the Ring of Fire and the time draws nigh when it must be allowed to vent

and spew. All islands are extremely vulnerable to sudden inundations.

All coastal areas world wide are hereby alerted.


Meteor showers with Earth impacts are imminent. Comets and the by-pass

of Niburu approach. Solar flare bombardment will *disable satellites and

disrupt commerce* in the times ahead.


Many sensitives are currently experiencing dizziness, sinking feelings

within, feeling giddy and faint, sea sick, and unable to focus, as the

tectonic plates and fluctuations of the electro-magnetic fields---the

aura itself of Earth begins the spiral out of this dimensional world.


Some are noting irregular heart beats, and strange electrical sensations

on the crown of your head. Your sleep hours and patterns are changing

and shifting from one extreme to another. Your breathing is more shallow

and may cease with periodic bouts of apnea. These changes are indicative

of energetic readjustments to new solar alignments within the new binary

sun system; adjustments being made within the various subtle bodies of

all who live upon the Earth. The Earth will soon spiral out of this

dimensional out picturing and be reset within the fifth world-globe, as

a new version of Earth.


Many of you may be experiencing a sensation similar to water in the

ears, the right ear, or both ears, and nothing seems to relieve it, nor

is your hearing impaired by this. The stuffy ears symptom may also be

accompanied by itching. This is one of the signs of higher dimensional

Light body activation. (/Tachi Ren/ wrote a most helpful book published

in the 1980s entitled, /"What Is Light Body?"/ In it she describes quite

accurately the various symptoms of light body activation.


Many of you are hearing high pitched tones in your ears, ringing, loud

chirping of birds, crickets, melodies and variations of the above. This

is the Sound Current, the Voice of God, the Holy Spirit, (the Shabd,

Dhun Vani, Bani, Living Word, Logos) and various other terms used to

describe this inner cosmic choruses of God.


Visionaries are seeing golden, translucent, iridescent, rainbow,

shimmering spires, domes and cities of light. These are on a dimensional

level that peeks into, and overlays our current version of Earth and

seems to be appearing in-- as it were --into this dimension. It is! This

is where you are headed--the new Earth, Terra Christa---reset within the

new dimensional heavens. The New Jerusalem, Jescara, the Heavenly

Jerusalem descending like a bride adorned for her wedding, the Kingdom

of God and Christ upon Earth etc., are some of the ways that this has

been described.


/(We refer you to the Keys of Enoch - The Book of Knowledge, by Dr. J.

J. Hurtak-- especially keys 317-318-319 for a most precise description

of what is taking place)/. The times we are entering are both

awe-inspiring and thrilling.


Many of you are taking fourth dimensional photographs of the other

worldly lovelies now flirting with the 3rd dimension. For those who have

the Spiritual eyes to see and the Spiritual ears to hear, there is much

that is going on. People everywhere are dreaming dreams and seeing

visions. Many are seeing colors, light geometries, grids and symbols.


Others are descending and integrating higher aspects of their

multi-dimensionality. There are even those who are dying for a longer

amount of time than in the usual near death experience---these ones are

then returning---in a sense re-embodying as themselves but also with a

deeper realization of truth and personal identity. This is like taking

on another life but within the same body. In some instances this is like

a form of resurrection. The phenomena may be accompanied by a preceding

coma or not. These are some of the ways that various ones are completing

all that is possible and available to them.


Many of our ground crew have recently experienced a more direct

encounter with us. Being summoned by one of us, being invited to

approach or to enter a golden sphere of light. In many instances that

was your dimensional replacement within a higher coordinate, and you are

now seeing life from an altered perspective. What you see is where you

are-- is now an apt definitive.


Our merkabah ships of light are now appearing as translucent shimmering

golden orbs. (the metallic type UFOs are not ours. Do not enter any

metallic UFOs. and do not allow, nor welcome the approach of grays or

other grotesque, non HU-man ETs.)


Those of us who come to you will look like glorious angels (without the

wings) or HU-man beings in the Adam Kadmon form----appearing in

perfected HU-man forms. We will state that we come in the Name of Jesus

the Son of the Living God----we may also greet you with Kodoish Kodoish

Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth.


You will never feel the slightest fear with us, nor any invasiveness

upon any level. We will NEVER abduct, induce sleep paralysis, implant,

nor violate you upon any level whatsoever. At the slightest sign of

resistance upon your part we will honor your preference and depart

immediately. We abide strictly by the Melchizedek protocol of honoring

and respecting you and your total personal sovereignty and freewill. You

will definitely feel our energetic signature of deepest Divine love.)


We strongly recommend that you demand that anyone who would attempt to

interact with you-- state who they are and whom they serve. Every Lord

of light will acknowledge Jesus, Our Most Radiant One as their Sovereign

Lord and King of Kings. Every dark agent will attempt to dodge the Name

that is above every Name---at which every knee upon the Earth and within

the heavens must ultimately bow and confess as Lord. Be aware that there

are absolutely NO exceptions to this protocol in interacting with Earth

and its peoples.


We invite you who are the visionaries to share what you are seeing. This

sharing will provide the vision and encouragement that all require to

keep positively focused. The outcome of everything that is to occur upon

Earth will be glorious for the meek (humble and devoted people of God)

who will indeed inherit the new Earth!


This is as a great collective exodus from out of the 3rd dimensional

Earth system---the Sodom and Gomorrah, the great Babylon, the pharaonic

Egypt (types and metaphors revealing the characteristics of the present

worldly culture in its most dysfunctional _expression.) The sons and

daughters of righteous inheritance, the people of God, are to now be

delivered by the Hand of God out of captivity and slavery.


The people hood of God will experience, as a part of this process,

miracles of supernatural healing, total restoration of health and

youthful vigor. Many will not experience death as you transfigure into

your higher immortal bodies of light---or return to bodies of

superluminal Light kept in suspended animation aboard our ships of

light. As in the time of the exodus recorded in the Bible, the spirit of

death will pass over and leave the people of God untouched. All who have

been born of the Spirit are marked by the Christ blood crystalline



These ones will experience Divine intervention, guidance, and

supernatural provision of food, water and the necessities of life, in

ways beyond your knowledge, manipulation and personal provision.


The keys to tapping these sustaining blessings would be --glorifying God

and His Christ with gratitude, praiseful adoration and unswerving

confidence, faith and devotion. The lovers of the Beloved will dine,

seated upon green lawns, in the presence of their enemies, with restored

Souls and cups overflowing with blessings.


For a while you may witness from afar the tumult of the bloodthirsty as

sword clashes with sword in a frenzy of rampant warfare, escalating and

engulfing those who find this their choice. For the children of God who

prefer peace, the war-torn world view will increasingly fade, like a

pencil drawing. God's chosen ones---those who have chosen back--- become

increasingly encompassed, enclosed and embraced by the Love Divine. You

will enter into a very vivid and enthralling, joyous and celebratory

dimension of experiential life and awareness. You are doing that right now.


Curiously, many of you remember being shown recently, exactly what is

being shared here. Do not lament if you have not---just resolve to place

your attention more upon what you are knowing within your heart---deep

within your Spirit. Pay attention to your subtle feelings, and levels of



Sit is absolute stillness with God and simply be with your Self. Most

are too busy with all sorts of Spiritual rituals, noisy prayers and

outer hoop-de-doo. Be quiet with the Lord, keep Him company. Call upon

His Name then commune with Him in Spirit and in Truth----from your

authentic self---allow Him to show you mysteries that you know not of.


Place your head upon His breast and listen to His Heart beat---let Him

speak to your Spirit, your mind, your entire being. Find time with Him

in your private sanctuary; be it a warm sauna, or bubble bath, working

out on your treadmill, driving on the freeway, taking a mountain hike, a

morning walk with your dog, or sitting on your couch. Some of you may

already be in a state of continual communion; that is what it means to

"*pray without ceasing*". A few may have transcended the methodology and

entered into the Secret Place of the Most High. (It is rare, but those

of you who are there will quietly acknowledge that.)


People are now being drawn into their appropriate grid affiliations. You

will be "lifted"----translocated ---into the corresponding world view

consciousness grid that matches your inner tapestry of awareness and light.


This is why certain of you may be finding that your phone has suddenly

become silent. Some may find it ringing continually as those within your

coordinate reach out to connect with you. It is the inner recognition of

a specific energetic signature. The groupings are precise, and already

the coordinates are set, the choices have been made. Look around and

note who is still standing with you, "on the same page", and keeping

pace with you.


The different grid overlays are separating off from one another in a

gradual fade-out, as they would say in the film industry.


Those who have been teacher/communicators may find that ones not in

attunement with your grid of consciousness will no longer be able to

understand or relate to you.


It is like a form of visual and auditory dyslexia, an inner selectivity

that permits only related data to enter your consciousness. You may pick

up some information to read, but the cognitive factor simply doesn't

permit comprehension. Likewise, you cannot, read, hear, interpret or

make sense of a wavelength, color, or sound frequency that vastly

differs from your own. That is how precise this separating of the

"wheat" from the "chaff" will be----and is now transpiring.


As we have stated before, the best preparation for what lies immediately

ahead is spiritual and psychological. Many are feeling an urge to pack

up, move, eliminate things from their lives, reconnect with old friends,

or let go of certain associations. Practically no one has a definite

sense of where specifically to go, or what exactly to do. There is a

general sense of urgency, uncertainty, restlessness, and a holding

pattern all in place at the same time, for many.


That is because from here on out it is God who is calling the shots! We

will have God alone to directly look to for guidance and answers. A deep

abiding peace that goes beyond what one can understand, is settling

within. A quiet certainty of purpose and grounding. A spirit of

gentleness makes irritation and negative retort way too much bother to

engage in. You may feel like a sweet, innocent, wide eyed child----a

gentle Lamb of God. Tender and kind, soft spoken and just present in

this moment.


Welcome, you have just entered the Kingdom of the Beloved, where the

goodly company live in Grace and walk in Love. Welcome Home, good and

faithful servant of the Most High, enter and receive your inheritance of

all that has been prepared for those who have loved God with all their

hearts, souls, minds and strength---and their neighbor as their own self.


Be of good cheer and of bright countenance for the future for the Eagles

of the Ashtar Galactic Command is golden, bright and filled with

exquisite reunions.


Now visualize yourself stepping into a golden translucent iridescent

sphere of light. Stay there. The lifting is sudden and out of time as

you know it; therefore watch-- expect the arrival of the Lord and stay

awake spiritually.


Love God, love one another, love all. Live in love and you are living in

God. We send each one of our Earth crew our love and our blessings.


I am Cmdr. Lady Athena/Ashtar-Athena SherAn addressing you this day on

behalf of our combined fleets, wishing you God's Peace. /Baruch Ha Shem

Adonai/---Blessed is the Name of the Lord


/Transmitted By Cmdr. Lady Athena/


/Through "Gilda M. Tangtam"



Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy
and the Galactic Federation


    Salamat Jarin! We come, dear Hearts, yet again with more to tell you! Mother Earth's rumblings that we told you about in previous messages continue. Last month's seabed earthquake and its resulting tsunami off Sumatra in Indonesia are only a few of those that have happened from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

   Mother Earth's tectonic plates are slowly achieving positions where the required locking process can begin. Once started, this procedure will unleash a degree of earthquakes and volcanic activity unprecedented in your long recorded history.

   In addition, your atmosphere is busily reacting from the vast new energies sent to her by the Sun and the tremendous amount of man-made pollution now present in her lower atmosphere. Consequently, Mother Earth is reeling from all the great pressures being put upon her by her need to transform and by the dangerous toxins found not only in her atmosphere, but also in her water and ground.

  Thus, you have just entered a dangerous age.
However, these rising dangers are sure portends that the time for the realizing of your new world is indeed at hand.

 Many more tragic disasters lie ahead if the
great changes preordained by the divine plan are not swiftly completed. Heaven has informed those now in power that their time of control is at an end. This is the moment for Earth and her people to rise up in protest and help our Earth allies to know how seriously they desire the mandated changes.

   In turn, a vast abundance of financial resources is ready to descend and manifest before you. These monies are the first part of a grand design decreed by Heaven and ordered by your Ascended Masters.

   We, in the Galactic Federation of Light, agree with these policies and demand that the sacred timetable put forth by Heaven be righteously obeyed. We are proud of the ongoing great and diligent effort put forth by our Earth allies. A most serious and highly calculated plan is putting put into operation even as we speak.

   However, it is important that around this time that a great protest against those who support your last dark cabal be duly organized. The purpose is to show these arrogant mountebanks you support our Earth allies and wish them quickly deposed.

 We are proud of all of you who continue
actively to protest the outright illicitness of the present regime currently in power in
North America.

   Your actions are empowering those planning their demise and deeply desire to do so courageously and swiftly. Various legal documents have been issued that foretell of this illegal regime's fall. The only remaining actions are the issuing of long promised funds and the necessary next step. This step terminates a quite phony "war against terrorism" and then sends the world toward establishing a condition of global peace. It also permits humanity to discover what they are truly capable of.

  This immense energy will open up the way for you to aid your planet and at last, for the final acts of first contact to be carried out. This last part is, of course, one quite dear to us. For literally millennia, we watched the
strange dark drama played out by the Anunnaki and their Earth minions. Now, dear Hearts, it is time to conceive of a new play. It is a joyous comedy written by each one of you and directed lovingly by Heaven.

   Our part is to graciously play the important
supporting roles.

  Around your world, there is a vast fleet that
has long kept itself largely hidden. Only occasionally have we been observed in your skies. Mostly, we have imitated the "normal" phenomena of your heavens.

  That is, bright stars, streaking balls of light that resemble comets or falling meteorites and ships that look like your moon in one of its many phases. We do this to remain largely unnoticed. However, the seriousness of the present conditions on your planet
forced us to bend this policy in a different

   Mother Earth is not fragile. She is alive and kicking. Her power is endlessly being demonstrated to you. This great power is equaled by the potential stored in each of you. The time has come to increase your prayers of grace to Mother Earth. Let her know that you care about her and desire that a new, gentler working plan between Mother Earth and yourselves now
needs to be formulated. Collectively creating this grand plan is vital for what is about to happen. Remember, you are her precious invited guests!

 As we are your and Heaven's invited guests,
we have come to your shores. This is time is one for more direct involvement. Accordingly, we spent the past five years limiting the awful plans of your secret government. There was, for example, the contrails program done under the cover of experimental "weather control", but really meant to sicken the public, mess with your newly installed genetics and prepare you for a more advanced "mind control" programs. We have largely terminated this program and
replaced it with a new system of contrails designed first to put a "safety net" around Mother Earth and then to ready her atmosphere for a unique technology capable of ridding her of a vast cornucopia of pollutants. We started this well over a half-decade

   This program is achieving its lofty goals.
Recently, we expanded upon it. During the day, many of you are witnessing our ships in action high in your atmosphere. This is only a beginning.

 Our plans were to catalogue and then destroy
most near-Earth man-made space junk. This program is long known to your many governmental outer space agencies. However, they either ignore our efforts or else deny their existence. To date, we have cleared out about one-third of the dangerous debris found in near-Earth orbit. The rest will be vaporized shortly after first contact. These objects have seriously
harmed Mother Earth. Her upper subtle energy fields have been greatly damaged by their continued presence.

   However, our science teams have repaired this damage and put protective fields around all objects launched by these same "space agencies". Their primitive concepts lack a proper understanding of how a living planet operates. We intend to correct this once first
contact is completed.

  Another program is limiting the dangers
formed by a worldwide psychic network instituted
decades ago by the Earth minions of the Anunnaki.

  This network exacerbates the violence, hatred and general discord inherent in the societies founded by and overseen by these same Earth minions. The energy generated by these negative events feeds this psychic network and maintains a dark grid around your reality.

  Our task is to play havoc with this network. Our designated ships constantly sent out psychic disruptor fields. These fields somewhat limit this negative field's effectiveness. Thus, crime and other types of discord are down significantly in many parts of your
world. By doing this, we are stalling the plan of your last dark cabal to instate various parts of a truly nasty mind control system given them by their former dark off world "friends".

 These are just some of the things that we
are doing. We are also making it more difficult for this last dark cabal to find the resources to stall the plans of our Earth allies. We are monitoring them and doing what is advised by your Ascended Masters to help defeat this last dark cabal. Shortly, the efforts of our Earth allies and yourselves will overthrow this
last batch of arrogant scalawags. Hence, we ask you to increase your efforts. The time for your long awaited success is fast approaching! Heaven assures us that the strange power hungry machinations of this last dark cabal are nearing a most glorious End time! This coming time needs you to focus truly upon it and prepare for a wondrous series of events! This coming
time will include our grand meeting with you.
Remember, Together, We are Victorious!

  Today, we have discussed some of the events
of the day. In this, we have told you more about what we are doing to aid the cause of you and our Earth allies. We ask again that you remain committed to this cause and to focus now on the final means to see this victory toward its fated conclusion. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours!

 Selamat Gajun!
Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)



Engaño Alienígena en los Últimos Días
por Sherry Shriner


 Traducido por Raysa Cruz,  República Dominicana


      Los Mayas… fueron híbridos de ángeles caídos y aún hay quienes examinan sus profecías, conocidas como las Profecías Hopi como si éstas fueran las Escrituras mismas.  Estos fueron el remanente que escapó de Atlantis antes de su destrucción.

        Amigos hay una diferencia entre la información canalizada o recibida por un médium  y la información obtenida de parte de Yahweh directamente.  El Señor no se contradice a sí mismo.  La Biblia es aun relevante hoy en día en cuanto a las profecías de los últimos días.  Nada ha cambiado. A la Biblia, tanto la versión KJV (King James Version), que es la mas notable, y las ultimas versiones, han sido mal traducidas, se le han agregado y se le han quitado información, pero el mensaje permanece igual.  El nacimiento, vida, muerte y resurrección de nuestro Señor permanecen en éstas.  Las advertencias de los últimos días permanecen también.  No importa como las personas traten de confundir la doctrina, como es el caso del rapto, o los eventos subsecuentes y cómo estos acontecerán, permanece igual el hecho de que El retornará y destruirá este malo y pecaminoso mundo.  El no viene a ayudarnos desarrollándonos en una alta conciencia vibratoria.  Esas son mentiras del malo que viene en nombre de Jesús a engañar el mundo que esta esperando desde hace mucho tiempo al Mesías.

    No viene ningún cambio dimensional….solo los dolores de parto mencionados y advertidos en Mateo 24.  La tierra esta en labores de parto, y esto no se va a mejorar dentro de un utópico Jardín del Edén sobre la tierra como algunos ingenuos creen.  Tú te das cuenta de que estás hasta las rodillas de esta filosofía de los Anaceos (Anunakis) cuando ves cómo las Escrituras están distorsionadas y se ha arrojado fuera la verdad de todo lo que se ha dicho en estas.  Éstas están siendo manipuladas y usadas para su propia agenda y cuando sea necesario, serán completamente descartadas.

Los Anuk o Anaceos son los que están preparando el mundo para su venida, es a esto que se refieren como una nueva dimensión.  Ellos se consideran a si mismos como seres espirituales que evolucionan en almas con iluminación espiritual.  Esto es ciencia alienígena… ellos predican la defunción de un régimen para traer ellos mismos el reino de Cristo a la tierra.  Los Iluminati sostienen que en el Nuevo Orden Mundial debe terminar de manera que su facción surja y tome el control.  Este siempre ha sido el plan.  Ya no vuelvo a pensar que todas las facciones del Nuevo Orden Mundial están tan divididas como parecen.  Me parece mas ahora que en vez de divididas, todas están trabajando por etapas.

     Los alienígenas no te dirán que el mundo va a ser destruido con su presencia aquí, ellos culparán de esto a las personas de la tierra y a aquellos con ondas de frecuencia negativas.  Por supuesto esos con ondas negativas son los verdaderos seguidores de Yahushua/Jesucristo, quienes no creen toda esa basura.

          Los Anuk están proclamando que las personas cambiarán a otra frecuencia y dimensión dentro de una era de desarrollo del alma y serán envueltas en altos niveles de conciencia y conocimiento espiritual.  El continuo desarrollo del alma no es una doctrina de la Escritura sino una de las conciencias de cristo y un plan de Lucifer del final de los tiempos para construir su falso reino en la tierra como una imitación del paraíso.  No hay diferencia entre la Nueva Era, el Satanismo o el Mandato del Reino enseñado en algunas las iglesias hoy.  Todo esto es lo mismo.  Estos están todos trabajando la misma agenda de crear un utópico paraíso aquí en la tierra a través de nuestros propios esfuerzos.  Sabemos que no podremos lograrlo.  Solamente Jehová/Yahweh puede.  Pero ellos no quieren que tú sepas esto.  Ellos están vendiendo la idea  de que si todos desarrollamos el mundo será un lugar mejor y más espiritual. Esto es basura, no puede pasar, nunca pasará y están engañando a los ingenuos.

   Los Anuk o Anaceos saben que ellos no pueden establecer su país de las maravillas aquí con billones de personas que saben quienes son ellos y niegan que esto vaya a acontecer, así que ellos tendrán que “limpiar” la tierra de aquellos que los rechacen y clamaran al mismo tiempo que esas personas han sido removidas a un más alto nivel de conciencia.  Si es la misma conciencia que ellos están desarrollando en la tierra, ¿por qué entonces no los dejan en la aquí en la tierra?...

   Es de esta forma como ellos encubrirán las muertes ya planeadas de billones de personas en la tierra usando sus armas para controlar el clima y tiempo atmosférico, a través de enfermedades, aflicciones, hambrunas y caos general.  Para no mencionar la Guerra contra los Santos que esta viniendo.

  De acuerdo a las palabras de Jesús mismo, no vamos para ninguna parte más que para el juicio, la destrucción y la muerte.

   Hay dos mundos colisionando ahora.  El mundo en que vivimos y el mundo que los alienígenas están tratando de traer.

   Así que o tu tomas la Biblia con lo que esta dice, con desperfectos, mal interpretaciones y todo, pero con el mensaje que permanece igual, o tu aceptas en nuevo Evangelio alienígena.

     La mayoría de las personas están leyendo y escuchando más a los canalizados o médiums que a Yahweh.  El evangelio de la agenda alienígena esta tomando nuestras iglesias y el mundo alimentándolos a cucharadas y enseñándolo a través desde nuestros púlpitos, ancianos y pastores.  Ellos se han convertido en canalizadores, las gentes de Anuk están hablándoles a éstos a través del engaño y haciéndoles creer que es de parte de Dios.  Ellos hablarán directamente a través de sus seguidores quienes ya se entregaron a  esta basura sin necesidad de engaño religioso, ellos dan sus nombres mientras hablan a través del canalizador.

Un Reino de Cristo viene, a decir verdad…el reino del ANTICRISTO.

Las personas afirman que saben la diferencia cuando los demonios o alienígenas les están hablando y cuando es Yahweh y entonces citan las palabras de los alienígenas e insisten hasta la saciedad que lo que ellos hablan son palabras de Jehová dichas a ellos.  Por favor amigos, despierten!

Ellos argumentan que la terminología solo suena parecida porque los alienígenas la robaron.  Los alienígenas no robaron nada.  Yahweh no dijo “cambien su nivel de vibración” El simplemente dijo, “vengan a Mi”.

   Yahweh no te va a decir que evoluciones tu alma, El te dirá que ames al Señor tu Dios con todo tu corazón, con toda tu alma y con toda tu mente.

   Yahweh no te dirá que prepares el camino para que El pueda venir, el viene con millares de sus santos con o sin la aprobación y preparación de la tierra una vez que los alienígenas hayan tenido su divertido engaño sobre la tierra por tres años y medio.

   Yahweh no nos dirá que el reino de Dios va a ser creado por medio de un salto a otra dimensión, El dijo que la tierra será destruida completamente, y ENTONCES Él la reconstruirá para SU reinado en la tierra (lea Apocalipsis 19 al 21) y el construirá Su reino aquí con nosotros.  No podemos hacerlo sin El.

    La filosofía Anuk está rampante.  Está dondequiera.  Reconócela y recházala y permanece firme en la Palabra de los Profetas del Señor quienes hablaron de estos últimos días.  Permanece en las Palabras de Jesús quien nos advirtió de la teología “yo soy un dios” que vendría, la cual envuelve esa basura del desarrollo y divinidad del alma, y rechaza los engaños de los alienígenas creados por el mismo Lucifer.

   Permanece en Él.  Él es la Palabra.  Él es la Verdad.  Él es la Vida.  Él es nuestra Redención.  Él solo puede salvarnos, nosotros no podemos salvarnos a nosotros mismos.

Abajo verá en azul los títulos de unos extractos de los líderes Anuk: esta es la misma basura que nuestros líderes religiosos están tomando y enseñando desde sus púlpitos hoy en día, solo que con su propia terminología enmascarada.  Si buscas mas abajo del documento encontrarás los extractos antes mencionados.

¿Quienes son los Anuk?

     Los alienígenas caen en dos clases, los Enki o los Enlil.  Los Enki son aquellos que se rebelaron en la rebelión de Satanás y los Enlil son los ángeles caídos.  Puedo estar equivocada en cuanto a estas dos clases pero esta es la forma como los comprendo por ahora.  Nótese que la facción Anuk de los Pleidianos no se refieren a ellos mismos como Anuk.  Pero lo son.  Ellos son ángeles guardianes caídos.

     Algunos títulos de los mensajes canalizados por los Anuk:



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