Fun Things To Do as a Warrior for The Most High cripple and annoy Satan's plans to rule on earth...


By Sherry Shriner & Yah's Warriors


For the enemies of Yah and those in underground cities and bases we'll Pray that...


Go through and Pray for several or even all of these things to happen...go through the list every day...stay consistent!!

1. Those at the top and who have worked the hardest to bring Satan's kingdom on earth end up in prison for their corruption and/or they get cancers, tumors, diseases, and plagues.

2. The plagues they have planned to unleash on mankind get switched with the anecdotes, and the cures/anecdotes stashed away for the wicked to protect themselves with end up being the plague vaccines themselves causing the wicked and their families to die of the coming plagues.

3. The safe havens of the Satanists and politicians become worthless and useless because of contaminations, fires, flooding, earthquakes, destructions of any and every kind.

4. The food stored up by the wicked becomes contaminated with bugs and maggots, the water become poison.

5. Those targeting mankind with high tech weapons and weather weapons become the targets of their own weapons as they backfire without explanation or reason.

6. Those planning the deaths of others, start to see the deaths of family and friends instead and they themselves get struck with debilitating diseases, cancers, and plagues.

7. The lies and secrets of the wicked are unexpectedly and surprisingly exposed to reveal to the world who and what they really are.

8. The aliens can no longer hold their form and start to lose their ability to stay human unexpectedly...exposing who and what they are so the world can see.



1. Their automatic doors in their underground bases don't work for a day...for Yah to put them in confusion as to what's wrong with them and don't let them be able to be fixed for 24 hours.
2. The water sources get mysteriously blocked and stop flowing into the underground bases and cities for a day.
3. Their computers malfunction and everything has to be reformatted.
4. Elevators stop working and grind to a slow halt.
5. Their food supply gets covered in worms.
6. The power supply intermittently goes on and off without warning.
7. Underground vehicles get flat tires for no apparent reason.
8. Airplanes prepared to spill chemtrails over our skies can't get off the ground.
9. Their consciousness become seared with the Judgment and Righteousness of the Most High.
10. All bread mysteriously becomes moldy and machines won't work and the coffee becomes infested with bugs.

11. Cell phones won't work as connections can't be made and they waste their minutes and time in 'roaming' into oblivion.

12. Reptilians and grays eliminate through their skin...pray that all their pores get blocked and they become "constipated". See how they like that!

13. The chips in the small grays malfunction and they don't obey.

14. Due to miscommunication, they let all the captives go free.......

15. Their radios unexpectedly tune to Christian music stations for no apparent reason and the frequency changer fries out right after, and simultaneously their view finder pops up with a yellow smiley

16. Somehow the labels get switched between the 'diesel' and 'petrol' tanks and everyone puts the wrong fuel in their vehicles.

17."no-see-ums" become suddenly attracted to their shiny helmets and do  whatever they can to get inside.

18. Mirrors break when 'they' look at them

19. Refrigeration systems leak out their freon or other refrigerant, causing 'their' food to rapidly spoil and smell like poo for days

20.A  cloud of baseball-sized space debris finds its way to the holographic projection satellites and knocks out their projector lenses...home run!

21. The orgone in 'their' water causes 'them' to develop a very uncomfortable rash in the pelvic area

22. Extremely large flocks of birds, just after eating, become mysteriously drawn to 'their' above-ground equipment and spend the rest of the day 'digesting' their food all over everything

23. The 'guy' who ran over Sherry's cat gets a demotion for pushing her buttons...

24. Blocked sewer lines, so the reptilian turds will back up and float through every little nook and cranny.  Oh yeaa-aah...swim in your own ca-ca, you slime bags! 

25. Send all their man-made viruses down to them:  Avian Flu, AIDS, Ebola, Morgellons, Influenzas A-Z, MRSA, Hepatitis A,B,C,D,..., Anthrax, Malaria, Lymes Disease, Epstein-Barr Virus, Fibromyalgia, Alzheimers, and last but not least, CANCER!! May they be infected with their own diseases and plagues they inflict on mankind!

26. The humans involved suddenly become aware of how evil they are and seek repentance for their ghastly deeds, cooperation and participation and seek the Lord for redemption and forgiveness.

27. Those who soul scalped humans and depend on heart pacers suffer surges of electrocharges on and off throughout the day.

28. The aliens ability to hold form as humans becomes disrupted for no apparent reason and their covers are blown.

29. The chemtrail planes get loaded up with sugar instead of chemicals and sprays sugar water all over the earth, they get a reaction and itch all over, drives them crazy.

30. Magnets get strategically placed by the triangle and they lose all their communications and can't communicate with each other

31. Sugar is put in their water supply.

32. A sudden earthquake deep in earth causes their water supply to release flooding the tunnels up to 2 or 3 feet, the human captives are able to escape because the aliens can't stand up; too slippery and too busy itching and going insane.

33. Lightning Flash takes out their main generators..

34. Bats with little orgone generators infiltrate their tunnels.......

35. Entrances and Exits get sealed shut for no apparent reason.

36. Secured phone lines and all phone lines are plagued with busy signals or computer automated assistance and they can't get through to those 'above' ground.

37.  Shipments are delayed, order invoices are lost, and records of employees and personnel files are declassified and distributed as email notices and announcements.

38. The underground shuttles lose gravity forcing the patrons to walk through flooded rat infested tunnels.

39. Massive microchip malfunctions everywhere...

40. Refrigerators and freezers are vacuum sealed shut and can't be opened.

41. Underground utility vehicles 'accidentally' run into water mains causing minor flooding and short-circuiting electronics

42. Repair crews get their orders mixed up and 'fix' the wrong things, causing delays and much frustration

43. 100 new people a day come to Sherry's websites and learn how to make orgone, and they tell all their friends about it

44. Storehouses for monoatomic gold catch fire and destroy 'their' precious kool-aid (and everyone makes it out safely to tell the tale)

45. 'They' start to feel the true power of combined prayer from The Most High's people and wet themselves profusely

46. Shampoo stocks are inadvertently switched with blue-dye liquid soap and 'they' all come out looking 'smurfy'

47. Toilet paper stocks mysteriously vanish

48. Toilets and sewers get mysteriously blocked and back up causing floods in bathrooms and buildings everywhere..

49. Pray the chemtrail plane sprayers malfunction and the fumes get into the cock pits to the evil nasties spraying them

50. Ask the Lord to send His angels to target all the computers and tools they use to harass and war against Yah’s people. Satellites, computers and devices used for deception, experiments, cross breading, gathering data etc, whether they are used above ground, underground, on international space stations, or anywhere in space. Ask that the damage done be costly and time consuming and as soon as its fixed for something else go wrong to continually frustrate them.

 51. Ask for their communication to break down, for Yah to send dissension, infighting, for chaos and confusion to reign throughout all their ranks.

52. Let their fate of eternal ruin be known to them and let it drive them insane. For them to be filled with doubt and fear at the prospect of coming up against Yah’s warriors and for our Father to make an absolute mockery of Satan and his forces for having the nerve to attempt to usurp His power.

53. Unexplained cold breezes and disasters to freeze or break their plumbing pipes.

54. Cause them to trip over their shoe laces, constantly and unexpectedly.

55. Ask Him to cause general mayhem in all areas that are of importance to them in establishing Satan's rule on earth.

56. Ask Him to cause the stored phone numbers on their cell phones to mysteriously disappear.

57. Ask for them all to be inadvertently put on the "no fly" when they try to travel they are humiliated and delayed for hours. And of course searched from head to toe as they are suspected of being evil terrorists trying to get a box cutter onto an airplane.

58. Ask for security clearances of employees and officials to be revoked, delaying them for hours or even days as they try to straighten out the mess.

59. Ask for the stench of these 'aliens' to be amplified 1,000 fold so no human can even breathe or stand to be around them!

60. Ask Him to reverse all the negative orgone into positive orgone energy so that it works for HIM and whatever it is He wants it to do.

61. Ask Him that every time they try to interfere with links and pics on our websites, their computers mysteriously lock-up and shut off and they are unable to do anything.


I'll keep adding as I think of more!! Send in your suggestions to add to the list to