I received this threat today:
Subj: [NWOvsChristians] PLOT 
Date: 2/11/2004 1:27:14 AM Eastern Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

I've been made privy to a plot against you and your yahoo group. It has something to do with dedicating your soul, as well as the top 10 posters of NWO, to satan secretly.

You may say this can't be done, but in some very esoteric jewish rituals from the time of Jesus, IT CAN BE.

So becareful dear one, I'll keep you aprized of what's going on. But be sure to watch out for the special signs of this kind of enhantment. Remember knowledge is the best defence against sort of deviltry.

There is something else brewing concerning the group it's self.......It's big too. I'll let you know about this next time.

My Prompt Response:

Subj: Re: [NWOvsChristians] PLOT 
Date: 2/11/2004 1:43:26 AM Eastern Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

well you can forward this to whoever is behind it:

The Yahoo Board of NWOvsChristians has been dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ, Yahushuah Ha Maschiach from the day of its inception. The owner, Sherry Shriner, is covered by the blood of Jesus, Yahushuah.  I, Sherry Shriner, rebuke all attacks or evil and demonic activities against me or this board, or it's members in the name of Yahushuah!

I command all attacks to cease and desist and curse them broken at the roots to be sent back to the senders null and void! I renounce any Satanic or Witchcraft activity towards this board or me and bind it and those involved in the name and blood of Yahushuah, Jesus Christ!

Through Yahushuah we have power over ALL the enemy, seen and unseen and I claim that power through His Name to bind and destroy all the works of darkness and bind those involved! I curse their works at the root and send them back to them useless, dead and void in the Name of Yahushuah, Jesus Christ!

Sherry Shriner,
List Owner


When will these people learn I serve The Most High God and I am Protected,
Anointed, and Empowered by HIM to do His Work.