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There are 3 different Raptures that take place before the Worship of the Beast and Mark/Chip of the Beast Enforcement:

1. A group of the Elect leave before or shortly after the arrival of the Black and Pale Horsemen.

2. A group of the Bride leaves anywhere from 1-6 months after the Elect leave.

3. A group of the Bride leaves (Church of Philadelphia symbolized in Rev. 3) right before the Worship of the Beast and the Mark of the Beast Enforcement.

This does not include the 'woman' the Jews who flee to their prepared place in the wilderness (Petra, Jordan).


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Apostates want to claim that the Mark of the Beast has nothing to do with barcodes, tattoos, or chip implants.  When it has everything to do with it. The Mark of the Beast is a technology chip implant that allows you to buy things by being scanned! Don't damn your soul to Hell for Eternity because you listened to false teachings, false prophecies, or trolls.


RFID Mark of the Beast 666 Don't Get It!! MICROCHIP Implant any Chip Implant!!



The Mark IS the Chip 666 - Brain sharing with Clones  




First half of Tribulation period. The Tribulation Period is about 4-5 years long not the 7 years taught in churches.




 FEMA, Martial law, roundups, apocalyptical weather disasters, most of the destruction of Earth and it's People take place during the Trumpet Judgments. Billions will be killed by the time the last set of Judgments even begin called the Bowl/Vial Judgments.





I will give you more info on the coming plagues and the nations that will be affected....


Events That Are Coming


Hereís some of my thoughts from conversations Iíve had with the Most High on the things that are coming to the world:


Africa - zombie, Ebola, flesh eating diseases...people will move to the larger population areas for protection because the country will become unstable and unsafe outside the cities...

Ukraine - Ebola, flesh eating diseases,

Europe - soul replacement is huge there...they'll even start putting animals spirits into people...they are destroying the populations with crossbreeds, inhuman parasites...the queens wants the destruction of all humans without it being noticed, so she's replacing them with replacements...watch for people to go rabid...because they aren't really humans anyway...animals trapped in human bodies and they don't know how to adjust...London will become a loathsome city, Ireland and Scotland will break away from it and go to war against the British if they have to, much unrest amongst them...

Italy - demonization ...CERN is unleashing hordes of hell and they will demonize and possess the people who are open doorways and give them access.

France - vampires amuck. Many vampires in France. They prey on the people...will get much more noticeable and chaotic there.

Germany - fighting against the refugees trying to change their culture, but they'll get swamped by changes because of the alcoholism there...you can't get ahead when the demons can pull you back...

USA - still strong with Godís people, but the changes coming will divide the nation, they'll war against each other, and be taken over by armies of the Beasts.

Australia - anarchy, nation divided and fighting against each other as in the USA. Plagues and Chaos.

Mexico - total anarchy, lawlessness, robbing, stealing, killing... Panama- haven for the rich, will go underwater South America - both coastlines will be destroyed...the center of SA the mtns, will be all there is left...much destruction coming....

China and India will blindly follow the beast...as will most in the Middle East.... -they will use shortages and famine to prompt people to get the mark of the beast....

Russia - will enforce the mark of the beast via patriotism...nationality, they'll push it as pride and higher tech advancement...as will the other nations....

Philippines - zombie plagues will have people fleeing from the islands to Indonesia and even Japan...the Americans (military bases) will accept them in Japan and put them in the human slave trades...

Hawaii will be cut off from the world with much deluge and destructions coming to it.



Pacific islands will disappear and be destroyed by plagues. Atlantic oceans, creatures from the abyss and underground seas will find access into the Atlantic...they will adapt to the salt water and become violent and vicious making travel dangerous and chaotic.

They're punching holes into the Atlantic ocean floor and the influx of water going into the inner earth is making the earth destabilize and wobble...their engineering fiascos and miscalculations will destroy their own hideouts in the inner earth and they will have to surface to survive...adding to the chaos that is already going on, mixing of species will result in plagues never seen before in the world.

The plagues will affect the crossbreeds and those with contaminated human DNA.

People with inhuman dna, their bodies are going to disintegrate, that's what it's going to look like, like they are melting...esp those in orgoned air...and that's what kills the giants, the Locusts...5 months...people will go to war against them and try to capture them to detain them and kill them. No matter how big a giant is, if you take out their feet they can't walk...copper chains will detain them, around their feet.




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