Visions - Messages - And My Own Thoughts

 Messages From the Lord
(I've just started to write these down, a lot I just don't include here because they're just parts of conversations I've had with Him. )

8-4-04 - War Against the Forces of Darkness and Evil

8-1-04 - I am the Door and there is no other.

 6/24/04 Tell Them The Prophesied Time Has Come

 6/12/04 - I Am Coming for a Bride Without Guile..

5/25/04 - It Is Time..Tell Them!!

5/19/2004 - I Made You For a Purpose..



Vision of the red moon/planet - 6/17/04

Vision of Paratroopers

Bio-Chemical Attack on America

Nuclear Strikes on Los Angeles

Chicago Slides Under Lake Michigan



False Prophecies Bombard the Internet

Satan's Seat

Who Were the American Indians?