Zacherle Hoag Interview with Sherry Shriner: Alien Agenda and the New World Order  
     Sherry Shriner has been researching the alien agenda and the NWO for some time now. Sherry has appeared as a guest on the popular paranormal/conspiracy related radio shows the Jeff Rense show and The Edge AM. She also hosts her own radio show on the Reality Radio Network. In addition, Sherry has written two books called Bible Codes Revealed: The Coming UFO Invasion and Aliens on the Internet. Her websites include,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

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 Zacherle Hoag Interview with Sherry Shriner: Alien Agenda and the New World Order

Q: First what is your basic theory as to what is
going on in the world right now?

A. There are two different civilizations fighting it out for world domination and control of the earth. The humans and the aliens. The humans establishing the New World Order are divided themselves into various lesser factions within the families of this alien group called the Illuminati. It is the Illuminati itself, run and overseen by a Council of Aliens who pull the strings of these alien-hybrid families and have them establishing and implementing this political agenda called the New World Order. When the aliens are through having their hybrid children pave the way for them through this NWO they will ascend to earth and take over rule for themselves through their leader, whom we call the Antichrist.

Q: What are the different types of alien races that you have uncovered in your research?

A. There are approximately 57 different races that have been identified and there could be more. However there are really just two main groups of them of which all of these races fall into. The Enki and the Enlil. Regardless of what disinformation is given on these two groups, it breaks down to this: The Enki are all of the fallen angels who rebelled with Lucifer and were cast out of heaven. Part of their judgment for doing so was that they lost their angelic looks. That's why there's so many various ugly alien races, because they lost their angelic looks. The non-human looking alien races are the Enki.  The Enlil are the Watchers who left heaven and came to earth to procreate with human women (Gen. 6:4). They fell before the flood and after. The Watchers never lost their angelic looks and look humanoid, in other words like humans. The Enlil are very tall with some being over 9 feet tall. The average is probably 7 feet. The children they had with human women were born giants, such as Goliath who was 9 and a half feet tall. Common names for the Enlil today are the Annunaki, Nephilim, Nordics, etc.

Q: Who are the Annunaki?
A. The Annunaki from ancient Sumerian times are known as "those who from heaven came to earth." They lie about who they are and proclaim they are our ancestors who created us and then left planet Earth and that they are now returning to help us clean up the mess we've made of our environment. The Bible says they are the angels who rebelled and left heaven to procreate with human women producing giants as children. The ancient prophet Enoch details them very well in his book, Enoch, in chapter 10. The mixing and contamination of human DNA with fallen angels was so dominant that there were only 8 people left with pure human DNA so the Lord destroyed the world with a flood. Even after the flood the fall of angels from heaven continued and many cities were built by these giant offspring. Eventually, the Israelites led by Joshua and Caleb destroyed these cities and ended the domination of giants as the Israelites conquered the land "flowing with milk and honey" for themselves after their exodus from Egypt.

Q: There is a lot of talk about a treaty that the government made with aliens. What exactly is the story there?
A. There is evidence that indicates President Eisenhower met with a group of tall Grey aliens at Edwards Air Force base in 1954 in which a formal treaty was signed between the United States Government and this alien nation. Since then many additional treaties have been signed with them including the stipulation that our government would deny the existence of aliens and UFOs in our air space. Within these treaties it is agreed that alien technology would be given to our government in exchange for silence and denial while these same aliens slaughter our animals and abduct American citizens for breeding, experiments, and to be eaten for food.

Q: How does alien/human hybriding tie in to all of this?
A. The aliens allegedly lied to our government claiming their race was dying and they only needed a limited number of humans (Americans) to experiment on to be able to help them keep their own race alive. In reality, they have abducted hundreds of thousands of citizens using them for breeding, cross-breeding, DNA contamination, and food. The aliens eat humans. At the same time they have been able to successfully cross-breed alien genes with human genes creating their own hybrid race that we refer to as Star children or Indigo children. Zechariah Sitchin, Dr. Richard Boylan and others will spread disinformation to keep the real truth from being told as to what these children really are and where they are really from. Just as they do about the aliens themselves.

Q: How do aliens possess human bodies?
A. Aliens can possess human bodies through a changing of human DNA. This is why so much information has come out in regards to rituals and blood drinking. This changes regular human DNA into a more palatable form for aliens to be able to walk in and possess a human body. Human DNA can also be changed, or tweaked through strict vegetarian dieting or even natural medicines that change amino-based DNA into a more crystalline DNA. I don't understand all the technicalities of how they do it, but this is a general understanding of it. One of the more obvious characteristics of an alien-possessed human is the black soul-less eyes, or eyes that don't reflect light off their pupils.

Q: What is Planet X and how does it figure into things?
A. Planet X is an ancient planet formerly called Rahab that was cast out of our solar system. Rahab was the former seat and home of Lucifer. When Lucifer rebelled against the Lord part of the immediate judgment against him was losing his home. It was destroyed by hailstones of fire and cast out of our solar system. During the judgment and pounding of hailstones against it the planet's inhabitants were forced to flee to the hollow inside of the hollow planet. It has been the prison of these inhabitants since. In the last days when Lucifer comes to power as the Biblical Antichrist those locked up inside this planet will be loosed and allowed to ascend to earth to help him conquer and control the earth under his power. As this Planet X comes increasingly closer not only will its arrival cause mass destruction from the gravitational pull it will cause on earth but it signals the impending arrival of Lucifer as well since they are part of his forces that will help him maintain control of the earth.

Q: Do the theories of “hollow earth” tie in with all this?
A. Most if not all of the planets and luminaries of our solar system are hollow. The hollow earth contains many terrestrial-alien bases and underground cities. As well as many human underground bases and cities that our military and shadow government of the New World Order have built. Aliens are not extra-terrestrial beings. They are terrestrial beings that inhabit our solar system within the first and second heavens and our subterranean earth. Hell is also located deep within the hollow earth that contains the souls of all those who died and rejected Jesus-Yahushua as their Savior. Many of these subterranean alien races will come to the surface when Lucifer comes to power on earth.

Q: What is the Dulce Base and what can you tell us a little bit about the Dulce Base?
A. The Dulce Base is a major underground grey alien base located under an Indian reservation in Dulce, New Mexico. It is also a major hub for the underground shuttle system that criss-crosses under America and connects all the underground bases together from one side of our country to the other. There are seven known levels of this base, a virtual underground city that is alleged to be the size of Manhattan, and seven levels deep. These levels are not measured as we would measure a 7 story building. Each level could be 100, or 200 feet or higher in height alone, while perhaps others are smaller. These bases such as Dulce go down for several miles within the earth and contain many miles of space within them. Many UFO abductees have remembered being taken to Dulce and there was some information released by a former security guard that I have on my website at  as well my article on the Dulce base at

Q: Some conspiracy theorists have said that the alien conspiracy is manufactured disinfo and that alien abductions are actually just mind control scenarios. How do you feel about this?
A. Well there are many agendas at work to release information, discredit information, and confuse the whole alien-UFO issue so people don't know what to think.  Project Blue Book was established not to seriously gather and investigate claims of UFO and alien sightings, but to gather all the information they could just so they could publicly discredit it. Project Yellow Book was the real project investigating the claims made. There are real UFO and alien sightings just as there are military manufactured ones to discredit the real ones. William Cooper caught on to how both scenarios and agendas were working together to deceive the public. Our government owns their own UFO fleet piloted by NSA and DIA pilots and they will also masquerade as aliens to implement their own black agendas.

Q: Who are the Illuminati?
A. The Illuminati are what they call themselves the "illuminated or enlightened ones." They are aliens, i.e. fallen angels posing as our creators and forefathers. They control the earth behind the scenes via an Illuminati Council. Their children, the hybrid 13 Illuminati bloodline families, what they refer to as the "elite" bloodlines, answer to the Council and follow their orders in implementing the New World Order on earth. I have more information on this at and

Q: Why are bloodlines so important to these people?
A. The specific bloodlines of the Illuminati hybrid families have been preserved through inter-marrying over the ages. Instead of trying to keep alien and DNA contamination out of their bloodlines they work to keep pure human DNA from entering into their bloodlines. Those in these families are born with a specific alien DNA that can be activated through ritual and blood drinking to allow for the alien possession of their bodies. The aliens can literally possess their bodies. This possession allows these humans to shape-shift and be controlled by the aliens themselves. These bloodlines are not controlled by the Grey aliens but the lizard type known as the Reptilians. Many people such as Arizona Wilder, Cathy O'Brien, and Bryce Taylor have seen people from these bloodline families such as George Bush Sr., Dick Cheney, Al Gore, Queen Elizabeth, and others shapeshift into Reptilians. It is not "humans" that run our governments.

Q: There is a lot of speculation concerning possible reptilian bloodlines being the driving force behind the NWO. Could you go into to this a little and talk a little bit about the shapeshifting presidents.
A. The Bible says that Satan is the prince and the power of the air, that he can transform (morph, shapeshift) into an angel of light. Satan rules both factions, the Enki and the Enlil. He can shapeshift into an Enlil, his old angelic form and look 'heavenly' and humanoid. I have pictures of him at my website  So also can the tall greys shapeshift as Enlil. In fact Maitreya, Sananda, St. Germaine, all of these Ascended Masters coming out of the New Age crowd are tall grey aliens who shapeshift into humanoid Enlils. You can read about it at my website It is these beings who play being anti-NWO that are indeed the ones working with the Illuminati Council to establish the NWO here, then they'll replace the NWO with themselves as they ascend to earth and work with Satan/Lucifer to deceive the world that Satan-Sananda is "God." All of the governments on earth implementing and establishing the NWO agenda are mere pawns of these aliens who control them through the Illuminati Council. And you will also find that those in power of world governments are all inter-connected through Illuminati bloodline families. If you look at America's history, almost all of our presidents are related minus maybe three of them. They all carried and carry alien-DNA.

Q: You believe that the Jesuits are major players in the globalist/antichrist conspiracy. Just what is the extent of the Jesuits and Count Peter Hans Kolvenbach’s (Superior General of the Society of Jesus) power?
A. The Jesuits are the right arm of Satan in running and controlling the religions and governments of this world. The Black Pope, Peter Hans Kolvenbach is Satan's right hand man who rules over and directs the Jesuits.  The Vatican is Satan's seat on Earth. It is not the position of the white pope, or the pope we see, such as Pope Ratzinger that has the real power in the Vatican,  the real power comes from a position hidden away from public view that rules over and controls the white pope and that is the position known as the black pope. And that is the position Peter Hans Kolvenbach holds today. It is the Black Pope that controls and rules over the Jesuits, and thus all the intelligence agencies and governments around the world are under his control. Even in religion and those in powerful and influential religious positions such as Billy Graham, Benny Hinn, Pat Robertson, Kenneth Copeland, Robert Schuller and many others in these positions of power and influence are secretly Jesuits or high ranking Masons who answer to the Vatican.

Q: In the realm of conspiracy theories the biggest is probably the JFK assassination. Why do you believe JFK was assassinated?
A. There are several interesting reasons as to why JFK was assassinated. Some people believe it was because he wanted to end the Vietnam War (which was being directed by the Vatican because the Vietnamese didn't want Catholicism there), another being that he wanted a full UFO and alien disclosure (which was being hidden by the shadow government), he also wanted a restructuring perhaps complete elimination of the CIA. But the one I find interesting and that is never talked about is the fact that Kennedy wanted Fidel Castro assassinated. He ordered the Bay of Pigs invasion which was set up by the CIA and military but at the same time the CIA had trained a group of Cuban fighters to fight against the incoming Bay of Pigs invasion, which is why the invasion was a failure. Not to mention the fact that it was the Mafia that was hired (out of Chicago) to assassinate Castro and they could never seemingly get the job done because the Mafia itself didn't want to eliminate Castro. But the job that did get done was Kennedy's own death. Our CIA (and Mafia) was protecting Fidel Castro..instead of eliminating him they eliminated Kennedy who kept insisting Castro be assassinated. Interesting isn't it? After all, with the NWO coming into play even back then it is a communistic-fascist order that dominates it, not democracy. That's why it's often referred to as the 4th Reich. The chief of our own Department of Homeland Security is ex-KGB. It is former KGB agents now in top positions in America who designed the impending National ID cards and the system by which they will be used. It is a Russian General in charge of all military troops in the United Nations.  Kennedy was to American and to Democratic for the evil ills of the New World Order and he wasn't going to be bullied by them or the Vatican and that's why I believe they killed him.

Q: Could you tell us how you became interested in bible codes?
A. The Lord led me into the codes several years ago. I had no idea why at the time I just kept feeling led to buy the software. Finally I bought the software and thought for sure I would never learn how to use it. It's complicated. But the Lord led me to others who could answer questions and help me out and He also led me Himself on how to operate it and understand not only what I was doing, but how to interpret what I was finding and how to analyze it. I realized along the way that with the skill I had developed in working the software that I could easily debunk false codes that were being promoted as truth. The whole Da Vinci Code and Holy Grail stuff that was coming out was a bunch of Illuminati and NWO lies and disinfo and they were trying to use the codes to prove their lies were truth. I used the same codes to show and prove why they weren't and how they did the codes wrong to begin with in trying to justify their blasphemies and lies. I can prove or disprove any code and find the real truth. I'm one of the best at the codes and they know it. That's why they try to discredit the codes, or even me, because they know I can beat them at their own games upholding the truth of the Bible and the codes. People say the codes are from Satan, all I can ask is, how did Satan know the beginning from the end of time and how did he get his hands on God's Word to encode it if it was inspired by God? The codes prove God is who He said He is and that He is the Alpha and the Omega. That He does know the end from the beginning. The Bible is either inspired or it isn't. It's either from the devil or it's from God. Just because some have erred in their interpretations of the codes doesn't mean the codes aren't valid. They just weren't interpreting them correctly to begin with.

Q: How did you become involved in Reverse Speech and has it helped you in your journey for the truth?
A. I got interested in Reverse Speech after having met Peggy Kane and having her on my radio show to reveal and discuss her findings. I was fascinated by it. It was a whole new area and even a weapon to use in exposing the lies and revealing the truth of what's really going on with people and even our government today. The founder, David Oates just has a remarkable technology in his hands. I haven't had as much time as I would like to spend on it, but what I have been able to find with it just clarifies and confirms things or even brings greater things to light that you weren't fully aware of before.

Q: What is the Book of Enoch and why is it suppressed by the church?
A. The Book of Enoch was originally included in the Apocrypha and also even the original KJV Ethiopian version. But it was never included in the Protestant-American KJV version. Even though Enoch is made reference to several times and the church itself acknowledges him as a great prophet and patriarch of its own history and genealogy. At the same time most people will admit they don't know anything about him and that's because they excluded the Book of Enoch from the Bible. Enoch wrote 365 books. Where are they? Why aren't they, or even one of them in our Bible? Because the Vatican didn't want it included. The Vatican wanted to leave the church(s) in the dark about our past and what the days were really like in the days of Noah. They hid our past so we wouldn't recognize what's coming in our future. Jesus-Yahushua said the last days would be as "the days of Noah" and most of the churches just believe a general time of sin and wickedness. They have no idea what the real and whole truth is. UFOs, alien cross-breeding, hybridization, abductions, everything going on today would be more understood by the churches instead of hidden if they had left Enoch in the Bible. Not to mention the fact that in the days of Noah when the giants ran out of animals to eat they would feed off of humans. And all that is coming back again in the last days. When the Annunaki come masquerading as heavenly beings it won't last long until people realize them for what they really are and by then it will be too late to do anything about it. And when the times of prophesied famine come, who or what do you think these Annunaki are going to be eating?  They're going to be feasting on humans, just as in the days of Noah.

Q: Could you tell us more about Maitreya, St. Germaine, Mabus, and Sananda?
A. I believe Sananda is Satan in an angelic humanoid form. Satan always wanted to be worshipped as God. And whose picture has been hanging in our churches for the past 1,500 years? Sananda. The picture of "Jesus" painted by Michelangelo was none other than Sananda or Satan himself. Imagine that. All this time churchdom has practically worshipped that picture as being Jesus and it's none other than Satan himself.

Maitreya is a hideous psychopath playing an Arab who will come touting himself as a great world teacher. He will try to unite all of the world's religions and be "all things to all people." The Christians and Jews would never accept Maitreya as the or even a they'll use Maitreya to deceive the Arabs and anyone else who won't accept Sananda as the Messiah. In Matthew 24 it says that many will come saying "I AM." Christ and deceive many.. and these New Age "Ascended Masters" certainly do that...they all claim "I AM" and that they are Gods, or reached Godhood. Maitreya's been associated with Ethiopia and that's probably where his final appearance here on earth will originate from, where Sananda will come in the clouds in a charade of UFOs portraying the prophesied Second Coming of Christ to deceive the Christians and Jews.

Saint Germaine is supposed to establish NESARA here on earth, the political and economic agenda of the Antichrist's. He also claims to have been several incarnations of various people throughout our history such as Shakespeare and that he was the one who wrote/translated the KJV for King James.

Mabus could simply be Maitreya. I don't see a huge difference in their roles and they both will originate out of Africa. Mabus will play an Arab peacemaker who dies after a short time. It was Nostradamus who introduced the coming of this individual in his own writings. Neither the Bible or the New Age crowd talks about a coming Mabus, at least not with that name. Nostradamus prophesied that when Mabus dies a comet will strike the earth. Mabus is indeed an alien, i.e. fallen angel playing Ascended Master. But they won't tell you that.  Another thought is that this Mabus will be a political leader who rises to make peace in the Middle East, such as a leader of the PLO etc..The whole charade can be played either way so I guess we'll find out which one they go with. Satan and his aliens always have more than one plan to bring one of their goons into power or to fulfill a certain role.

Q: Why do you consider Paul a false prophet?
A. Before Jesus-Yahushua left He warned His disciples to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and that people wouldn't accept Him (Yahushua) as the Messiah but that one would come in his own name and that the people would accept him. He was prophesying about the entrance of Paul. People confuse it with a prophecy about the Antichrist when it was about Paul. Who, by the way, was a Pharisee. Yahushua appointed 12 apostles, not 13. Matthias replaced Judas, not Paul. Paul wrote 13 books of which he mentions or refers to himself over 500 times. He was an egotistical self-centered Antichrist who led people away from the truths that Jesus and the legitimate apostles taught and into errors. I have a whole website about Paul at For those who wonder why the Bible always sounds contradictory and never makes sense, now you know why. Paul was full of contradictions, "I've never been circumcised" "I was circumcised on the 8th day after I was born" blah blah, he lies and contradicts himself throughout all of his books and even tells his own conversion story different every time he told it, the sign of a pathological liar who can't remember his lies. What's it going to take for people to wake up and realize who and what Paul was? And these are mostly the same people worshipping the picture of Satan/Sananda as Jesus.

Q: Why do you think the late conspiracy theorist William Cooper went back on his claims of UFOs and aliens later on in his life?
A. He didn't go back on them. He realized what was going on and the game that was being played and that's why they were going to throw him in jail to silence him, but he refused to be taken alive and died in a stand-off with police. If you read his writings as much as I have or even his book it's clear that he knew there was a real existence of UFOs and aliens, and then he also stumbled on the black ops agenda to mimic UFOs and aliens with their own accumulated technology. There are many, thousands, perhaps millions of people who have had real UFO abductions, and then you'll hear of some that are just outrageous where a person was abducted and taken to a military base, or they could see black thread around the black eyes of the supposed alien. Real aliens don't speak verbally, they speak through telepathy. Most people don't realize that our government has as much as a chipping program going on as the aliens do. They're both involved in abducting people to implant them with chips for tracking and controlling. It was the aliens who gave our military the technology and that's why people are being abducted to military bases, implanted and then let go. Because the military now has their own black ops agenda with implanting people with chips separate from the alien’s agenda.

Q: What researchers and books do you suggest to the reader? Websites?
A. Well my own of course, Aliens on the Internet and also Bible Codes Revealed: The Coming UFO Invasion. I also would suggest Bryce Taylor's Thanks for the Memories, Cathy O'Brien's Trance-Formation of America, William Cooper's Behold a Pale Horse and Eric Jon Phelps’s Vatican Assassins at Also you can read for free Branton's (Bruce Alan Walton) material that I have on my site at  you can read his books on the Dulce Base, the Omega Files and The Cosmic Conflict which were huge stepping stones in my beginning understanding of what was really going on with aliens, UFOs and underground bases.