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These are most of my articles and videos on the NWO, Alien Agenda, New Age Alien Agenda, the Event, the Arrival, UFO Invasions, Alien Attacks Coming, the infiltration of our Society, World, and much more!!

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The Most High God stood me up back in 2001 to speak to the nations. Over the years I've been blacklisted, poisoned, shot at, survived several heart attacks, many numerous assassination attempts, have been ridiculed, mocked, hated, and ignored. I love and serve the Most High. Everything I do, I lay at His feet. May the Most High be blessed.



New Age Alien Agenda...the "new" New World Order







Ashtar Arrival 2017 New Age Alien Agenda



Events Coming Nations Destroyed, Tribulation, Bible Prophecy


Events On Their Way Now?? Chinese Elders out of Detainment


GCR/RV Delays While Waiting for Elect To Leave


GCR vs Deep State, Trump, False Flags


With a Global Reset Coming Can Trump Save America??


The Plot against Currency, Chips, 666, Arrival


Tidbits on Heaven and Angels


Did Trump Bomb a Reptile base? Tall Greys taking Over....


Kidnapped Humans Brain Sharing with Clone Replacements


The Mark IS the Chip 666 - Brain sharing with Clones


GCR/RV Currency Reset, Sananda the BEAST


America the Babylon, Alien Attacks Coming


Days of Noah are Here Now, Aliens Among Us, Below, and Above Us


Sherry Shriner on Heaven, Lucifer, Aliens, Demons,


Arrival of the Pale and Black Horsemen


The Paris Agreement and Chinese Takeover of America


China Conquers America, NESARA


The 2 EVENTS Coming, Faction Four


Second Sun Planet of Heaven


Ashtar Command Ascended Masters Abduct, Eat, Torture, Kill




Antarctica In A Nutshell - War Between Alien Factions


Antarctica, Giants, Events Coming Up


Draco Empire Past & Present


East and Southwest Star Heavenly Planet - Sherry Shriner


Difference Between Aliens and Demons - CERN Hordes Coming In



Aliens Eat and Feast on Humans



War Against The Reptilians - Soul Scalping Lizards


Sherry Shriner on Heaven, Angels, Lucifer, Aliens, Demons,


Sherry Shriner - Days of Noah in the Here and Now, Aliens Among Us and Above



Who or What are the Pale and Black Horsemen?


China Conquers America, NESARA,


America the Babylon Revelation 17 & 18, Fema, Alien Attack


Southwest Star Heavenly Planet, NWO Termination


Olympics, G20, Rituals, Ashtar Arrival, Day of the Lord


Daneil Ott interviews Sherry Shriner


An Interview With Satan - Lucifer 666


Interview with Satan about 666 - FEMA Camps - Roundups


Whistleblower - Satan in the White House and UN - Sacrifices to Satan


RFID Mark of the Beast 666 Don't Get It!! MICROCHIP Implant any Chip Implant!!


Vatican Whistleblower - Satan Literally Lives inside the Vatican - Part 1


Vatican Whistleblower - Satan Literally Lives inside the Vatican - Part 2


2nd Sun - Twin Sun - Two Suns - Second Sun - Sherry Shriner


Learn How To Protect Yourselves


End of NWO Beginning of 8th and Last Regime on Earth


Trump, Hildabeast, Obama, Gulf of Eden


The Event, The Abomination of Desolation, Coming UFO Avalanche


Ashtar Command Ascended Masters Abduct, Eat, Torture, and Kill Mankind


Wikileaks, Assange, the 2 EVENTS Coming, Faction Four


Hillary,Trump,Obama,Paris Agreement, Chinese Takeover


Days of Noah in the Here and Now, Aliens Among Us and Above


Rapture of the Elect, Bride, When They Will Happen


Raptures of the Elect, Bride, Events Coming Up


Fight Back Against The Reptilians - Soul Scalping Lizards


Soul Scalping - How They Take Over Your Body and Soul




Beginning of 8th and Last Regime on Earth


Sisterhood, Vampires, Synthetics, We're Surrounded by Fakes


Trolls, Clones, Why Obamacare wasn't Repealed


War Against the Deep State Lizard Reptilians


Vatican, Jesus-Sananda, Islam


They're Going To Blow Up The Sky! Earth will Flip!


Reptilian Possessed Humans Dominate the World and America


Going Home - Heaven's Star in the West for God's People - It's NOT Venus!


Prophecy Errors in the Churches About the Last Days









Mount Shasta - Telos the Underground City


The Ashtar Council & Command


The Fake Jesus That Is Part of The Ashtar Command


Bible Code on Sananda the Fake Jesus



NESARA and the Omegans - The Unveiling


NESARA: The Political Agenda of the Beast


Who Are The Chinese Elders


Soul Scalping


Lies of the 5th Dimension


Economic Plans of the New Age


Satan's Disneyland In The Skies...



Faction Three and The Alien Agenda


Tearing Down the NWO Strongholds


Planet Rahab - Planet X - Lucifer's Seat. Was there another planet in our solar system that disappeared? What happened to it?



The Coming Alien-Locust-Giant Invasions - Joel 2 & Rev. 9


The Net Masters - Why They Need "Loosh"


The Alien Handbook on How To Win Pawns and Influence Humans


The Invasion...Has Begun


The Venus Alien Trap


NoWhere Left To Hide


Project Earth: Satan Is On The Prowl


Stopping Alien and Military Attacks and Abductions


The Serpent and the Illuminati


Alien Deceptions in the Last Days


The Internet Deceptions of The Anuk



The Serpent Seedline:
Edomite Jews and the Sons of Cain


How To Detect And Nullify
Chip Implants


The Prisoners of Dulce Base


Joint Human and Alien Underground Bases


The New Age of Disgrace


Tearing Down The NWO Strongholds


The Aliens Will Overthrow America


The New Age Plan To Defeat Christianity


Difference Between Fallen Angels, Demons, Aliens, Jedi, and the Watchers


To Serve Man: The Aliens Are Coming And They're Cannibals!


Planet X, Sedna and Toutatis Signs in the Sky - Armies of the Antichrist


Lunatic Fringe


The Destruction of America in One Hour


Hey Stupid, The New World Order IS About Religion


The Biggest Secret Of All...


Understanding The New World Order



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